Jimmy Reed: On Avenged Sevenfold and Fat Mike

Question: I know you happen to be very good friends with Avenged Sevenfold. I recently heard that they're gonna be featured on a track with NOFX, which will come as quite a huge surprise to some - considering that Fat Mike had, at some point, talked crap about Avenged Sevenfold. So, with that, I am wondering what your thoughts are on Fat Mike - and if you had ever met him.

Jimmy Reed: Well, my lovely, that's a very good question. I have, in fact, very recently met Fat Mike - and I had a very pleasant conversation with him. I think it's awesome that they have now become very close friends. From what I understand, Fat Mike and M Shadows used to be on opposite ends of the political spectrum. Kinda sorta, that is. One thing folks must understand about M Shadows is that he... he never did quite agree with every single issue that the Republican Party stood for back then. He simply felt that he agreed more with the Republican Party than he did with the Democratic Party. The way that people would make rash assumptions on his personality, his character, and... and his position on certain issues... simply due to his party affiliation... was a very major source of frustration for him. I'm sure it really helps that both M Shadows and Fat Mike have mellowed out considerably throughout the years.