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Hi, I'm Crystal, at least that's what I go by as a petgirl, well wannabe petgirl, looking to explore that lifestyle through this blog and meet new people, I am a 22 year old transgirl, this blog is 18+ only

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2021-01-17 13:13:32

    I know, eating and drinking from the floor like a dog seems so unnatural… You’re right, it is. It goes against every instinct you have. It’s so humiliating and dehumanizing to have to do this. It would be easier and more appropriate if you had a tail to help you get in the mood, wouldn’t it? But pets have to earn their tails by being good and proving they deserve them. You’ve got a long way to go before that happens. Now, quit stalling and eat and drink up. I still need to walk you before you go back in the cage for the night.