Daddy's Princess

NSFW. If you do not have a title or anything on your blog you will be blocked!! Please be over the age 18 when looking at my page. Thank you! I am a little at heart which my little age is between 5. I love my pacis, my blankies and all my stuffies. I do have a daddy. I am also bi so it would be nice to find a local female that was a little or not. Don’t be scared to message me!!

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2019-05-18 17:22:09

    things I want but will never ask for:

    - you to text me first - blowing up my phone bc you miss me - forehead kisses - back rubs - hugs from behind - calling me “your girl” - sending me songs that make you think of me - playing with my hair while I fall asleep - “did you remember to…” texts - holding my hand all the time - morning sex - reassurance that you love me - dancing in the kitchen - late night talks about life - silly pictures - breakfast dates


    Even more nsfw asks

    1. Ever been intimate with someone creepily quiet?

    2. Worst fear durning sex?

    3. What is one thing you consider the tall tail sign of your doing a good job during intimacy?

    4. Would you ever have double penetration sex, if so what type?

    5. Has anyone ever made you breakfast after sex?

    6. Have you ever broke up with someone because the sex was bad?

    7. What’s the most you’ve cum in a day?

    8. Can you have multiple orgasms?

    9. Do you like your name being called out during sex?

    10. Has a condom ever broken?

    11. What’s your thoughts on penis pumps?

    12. If you had to choose one word to describe your sex style it would be?

    13. Have you ever accidentally found someone’s sextoy?

    14. Have you ever flashed/mooned someone?

    15. Describe the first time you saw someone naked in person.

    16. What are some things you’ve tried but will never do again?

    17. Prefer sex with lights on or off?

    18. Morning sex or goodnight sex?

    19. Do you find moaning or cursing more attractive (???) During sex?

    20. Prefer giving your partner oral or handjobs/fingering more?

    21. If you had to rate your last sexual experience (solo or other) on a scale of 1-5 how good was it?

    22. Has there ever been a reason you stopped mid imintacy? Why?

    23. Do you like giving or receiving hickys (or both)

    24. If you cum before your partner what do you do? (Help them, let them deal with it etc)

    25. Would you ever have sex with someone who slept with a relative of yours?

    26. Least favorite type of porn?

    27. If you found a video of your partner having sex with an ex, would you watch, why or why not?

    28. For oral do you like deep throating or just the head?

    29. Worst blowjob experience?

    30. Spit or swallow?

    31. Have you ever tasted yourself on your partners lips?

    32. Have you ever been surprised by an orgasam? Explain? Yours or theirs?

    33. For guys, if a girl asked you to use a strap on, on her, would you? Explain why?

    34. Ever given/gotten motter boated?

    35. Most listened to song for intimacy?

    36. Have you named your genitals?

    37. Favorite pet name to be called?

    38. What’s the most hardcore sex thing you’ve done?

    39. Where do you like to hold during intimacy?

    40. Can you tell if a partner is faking?

    41. What’s your proudest moment during intimacy?

    42. Have you ever given your partner multiple orgasms, how many?

    43. Can you tell when a partner cums without them telling you?

    44. Worst oral you’ve received and why it was bad?

    45. Have you ever caught your partner mastubating? How’d you feel?

    46. Thoughts on period sex?

    47. What’s the worst sex position you’ve tried?

    48. How would you describe your sex drive?

    49. What’s the weirdest thing someone’s done to try and arouse you?

    50. Best type of sex? (Messy, rough, passionate etc )

    51. Have you ever masturbated in front of a mirror?

    52. Thoughts on pegging?

    53. If your partner was into handcore pain play, would you try it out? (Would you let them try it on you?)

    54. Have you ever secretly filmed you and a partner together during intimacy?

    55. If your partner insulted your genitals what would you do?

    56. Have you ever used a glory hole?

    57. Would you ever use a glory hole?

    58. What words do you like hearing most during intimacy?

    59. Have you ever turned someone down because of their inexperience?

    60. Thoughts on watersports?

    61. If you had the ability, would you give yourself oral?

    62. You have any sex toys?

    63. If you had to give sex advice to someone only using 3 words, what would they be?

    64. How do you normally handle first time intimacy with a new partner?

    65. Favorite type of intimacy?

    66. What would you consider your number one flaw during intimacy?

    67. Favorite pornstar?


    Ask away please!!