War and Combat Centric Asks

- What does fighting mean to your muse, and how different are they during battle?

- What abilities does your muse possess that makes them an effective fighter?

- What is your muse’s weapon of choice? Is it magical or mundane in nature?

- Given a chance to learn and use a combat ability or magic they don’t possess, what would your muse choose?

- Is your muse particularly merciless or do they leave their opponents relatively whole after a fight? Why?

- Does your muse have any regrets about a battle or incident they had to fight in? Has it changed them?

- Is there an opponent they’ve fought they’ve grown particularly attached to, love or hate?

- If your muse were rendered unable to fight, what about them would change? Would they be able to handle it?

- Give a list or description of particularly notable battles in your muse’s history. Do any stand out?

- Does your muse believe in the ‘brothers and sisters of battle’ concept, growing close to their fellows, or are they distant from others?

- Is your muse attached to any particular weapon or piece of equipment they own?

- Has your muse ever used a combat vehicle or siege weapon in battle? Were they enthusiastic about it?

- Has your muse ever lost anyone they cared about on the battlefield? Do they feel responsible?

- Has your muse ever been a victim of friendly fire or been betrayed during a fight? How did they react?

- Is your muse famous or infamous in their world for a battle or fight? Do they embrace or shy away from it?

- Does your muse draw any inspirations for their combat style or spells from their past or the world they live in?

- Does your muse knowingly or unknowingly draw on any kind of power when they fight? Describe it?

- Does your muse have many scars or lasting effects from a battle? If not, do they keep any trophies or reminders?

- Is your muse uncomfortable outside of combat? Do they have problems socializing or relaxing?

- Do any inspirations for how your muse fights come from other media? List or describe them.

- Describe your muse in RPG class or archetype terms. Do you actively push for them to be like this, or is it just a comparison point?

- Is there a real life martial art or fighting style that you draw heavily on for your character?

- Do you have trouble writing your muse getting injured or hurting others? Describe what process you use to deal with it.


Accepting for both Saerno and Luo Qiang! Mention which one if the prompt is muse specific.