Welcome to the Sin Bin

Side blog to put my more depraved stuff (Things that I can’t post to main like furry p*rn)

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2021-03-27 00:07:36

    Gladio x Noctis, CUI 

    (camping under the influence… of SEX SPOOORRRRES)

    …that was terrible, I know. I won’t apologize.

    Work in progress inspired by one of my favorite OT4 stories, Sporgy by @crossedquills​. READ IT. So full of heated Chocobro debauchery. 

    My ten-year-old Wacom tablet finally gave up the ghost while I was working on this, so I don’t know how long it will be before the next bit is finished. You may have to suffer through my terrible unforgiving traditional media for a while. I suppose it’s an excuse to break in my new pens and practice with the G Pen. *shudder*