After a bad crash you’ve found yourself drifting through space, but your suit says you ran out of oxygen an hour ago.


    Guys I swear to god if you make this about AMONGUS IM GOING TO KILL YOIU


    Finish that word, I fucking dare you.


    Amorael, Primordial Void, I summon thee, and offer this world to quench thy hunger. May your many maws fall upon the stars. May your claws tear reality asunder.

    Valoin'garol sinorgoth avekor nox arcana sussus amogus.


    🐯 🐯 🐯


    good morning everyone have an absolutely furious mongoose


    It’s cuter when you recognize that the lion with visible spots is a juvenile. There’s a very high chance the other lion that runs over to investigate is the MOTHER.

    The first lion is asking for comfort because she was given a big spook!!! and she needs mommy to tell her it’s safe and ok!!!! (What’s cuter is that mommy clearly reassures her, and goes on to take the parent role of ‘deal with the scream rat in order to protect my large and easily frightened daughter’)

    this is all in all an adorable video 10/10


    actually you’re completely right that the original lion is a juvenile, but it’s a male! his size and the fact that he still has some baby spots left also indicate that he’s a very YOUNG juvenile, equivalent to a human preteen!

    so really what’s happening here is a fantastic mother dashing outside with a broom to defend her 13-year-old son from the angry opossum that he just found in the trash can while taking out the garbage.


    And quite clearly neither know what to do, really.


    do you see this image? this is the computer generated image of what the world is going to look like in december of 2012. it’s a horribel sight isn’t it? stop this madness, lets prevent the ending of the world. stop kony 2012


    stop kony from smashing some planets together he has the power 


    Actually it’s a replicated image of when Thea crashed into Earth to form the moon, but okay.


    No, this is an MRI of someone dying.  The brain releases a endorphins at the moment of death, making them feel a range of emotions.  Tragically beautiful.


    Say hello to mechanically separated chicken.


    This is a picture of my friend Becky. She used to be a happy, popular girl until one night she snorted marijuana at a party. She died instantly. Please, don’t do marijuana. It’s the most dangerous drug out there. Please don’t wind up like Becky.


    No you guys this is what an abortion looks like at nine months. Reblog if you’re against the baby-killing liberal media.


    this little girl is the most beautiful

    reblog if u wish cancer didn’t exist.

    this won’t make your blog ugly.

    92% wont reblog.

    if u scroll past u dont have a heart.


    Listen here cum-slut, I bet you 5 million dollars that you don’t own a planet . But guess what? I own 7. And I can tell you right now that a planet would never just just collide into something like a large celestial body. They’ll rarely collide with small celestial bodies. But say that your idiotic theory is correct. Say it did actually collide with it. That planet still probably died. Is that still funny to you? Do you still get your kicks out of knowing that that planet was probably terrified and opening its mouth to scream in that panel? And if you say yes then you seriously disgust me as a human being.


    Why do some of the reblogs say 5m and others are from 2012


    tha passage of time