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2020-11-23 21:28:23

    tbh the worst thing about being a self aware mentally ill person is that people assume that because you understand your illness you’re automatically able to actually apply your knowledge to your life and cure yourself


    Do I know my brain isn’t making the most sense right now?  Yes.  Can I stop it?  No. 


    Me: I know what I should be doing but my brain has decided we’re not doing that


    People: why are u so anxious

    Me: I have anxiety

    People: Now you know that you can get better

    Me: knowing I have anxiety does not make me Less Anxious that is Not The Way Anxiety Works


    People: Why are you doing that?

    Me: I have OCD, so my brain spams me with terrifying thoughts until I do things to get rid of them. This is a compulsion.

    People: So you know nothing bad will actually happen if you don’t do that! Why not just stop doing it?

    Me: That is not how this works. That’s not how any mental illness works.


    Me: *crying and hyperventilating over something objectively minor*

    Someone: It’s not a big deal, why are you freaking out?

    Me: *through sobs* I can’t… I can’t stop, I know it’s dumb… I know I shouldn’t be like this.

    Them: Oh, well if you know that it’s dumb to freak out then why are you still freaking out?

    Me: *sobbing harder because now I hate myself*


    If you know your leg is broken you can’t magically walk on it like, knowing what’s wrong isn’t a cure ffs