Ouch! Over Her Knee
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    The teachers of the Traditional Values Adult Education College also offered home tuition during the summer holidays. Unfortunately for Brian, Mrs Redwood brought the College’s disciplinary code into his home after he had failed to complete his Maths assignment between sessions.

    The teacher at least agreed to carry out the punishment while Brian’s wife and son were out of the house, although they did walk in on his corner time!

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    Birth of two spankoes: young Roger spanked by his sitter over her knee and bare bottom, at the age of 17 and his younger, fascinated, voyeur brother who never forgot what he saw.

    Does anyone know who produced this wonderfully powerful illustration? I’m pretty sure it’s not Barb. Really want to credit them.

    Gerald had not been convinced of the wisdom of his mother’s cheery and hearty “walk through the snow”. He was even less persuaded it was a fun idea when she finally got tired of his complaining about the cold.

    This should warm you up, my lad!” she told him sarcastically while blistering his bare bottom over her knee while he sobbed profusely.

    The fact young Eric was 17, made no difference to his new stepmother, Mary.

    “If you behave like a child, Eric, I will treat you like a child!” she told him as she energetically spanked the howling, kicking and tearful youth over her knee on his bare bottom with her merciless right hand. Nothing Eric could could shriek between sobs would make Mary stop.

    Illustration by “GJC”

    Spanking is often designed to humiliate as much to hurt, particularly if a male is being spanked by a female.

    This teacher in Tokyo is spanking the unrepentant school bully in the most undignified way she can think of, in front of the rest of the class.

    The bullying ceased after this humiliation.

    “It’s too late for Billy,” Miss Ryan told her class, as the unfortunate boy dangled unhappily across her knee, waiting for his (probably) bare bottom spanking to commence, “but if the rest of you hand over your phones now, you can avoid his fate!”

    “Here we are again, Johnny!” she trilled…

    Poor Johnny received so many incredibly painful over her knee spankings from Arlene, his sitter that, by the time he was 14, he had literally lost count of how many his wretched bare bottom had endured. She reduced him to anguished and piteous tears every time and really seemed to enjoy punishing his poor sore little ass.

    With acknowledgments to the extraordinary K Birk for this painful image.

    Miss Owen’s last job of the day was to give young Brian Wood a good hard, standing up, spanking on his bare bottom and the backs of his thighs in front of the whole class. Now that the rest of the pupils had gone home, the teacher was supervising his sniffly and teary corner time.

    “If you don’t stop that noise, I’ll give you another helping on that pink bottom of yours!” she warned him impatiently. “And across my knee too, if you’re not careful!”

    “I don’t have time for this, Roger,’ said his mother crossly, as she she gave John a severe bare bottom hiding across her knee with the hairbrush, “I’m late enough already! Thank goodness your sister told me what really happened, you awful boy!”

    Mrs Lyons, Mathematics teacher at the Traditional Values Adult Education College, used to take liberties with the men she held back for detention. After giving Jeremy Blackburn (an investment banker by trade) an over knee spanking and bare bottom caning for late homework submissions, the woman would further humiliate her student by squeezing his tortured bottom during his corner time.

    And there was nothing this powerful, but shamed, financier could do to stop her…

    I couldn’t stand it! The feel of her soft leather skirt, pulled tight across her thighs, while my naked groin, trousers and undies removed, pressed into her lap, gave me a huge erection, which was embarrassing enough. But when this was followed up by the first of many firm, hard smacks! on my bare backside,delivered by her leather gloved hand, I just wanted to die😫.The agonising pain soon made my arousal disappear, only to be followed by my humiliating tears of anguish, as I sobbed helplessly over her knee.

    And I was being spanked in full view of everyone …😩!