Reminder for all cunts.

    If your Husband, Boyfriend or however you address Him wants to fuck other cunts, don't be a whiney bitch and moan about it.

    It's natural for a Man to want to fuck other cunts and He should be allowed to in peace.

    If it really bothers you, help find Him cunts He can use so you know who He is using.

    Even better ask if you can join in, be a better cunt, be sluttier and dirtier

    Best of all, just shut the fuck up and let your Man do as He wants, after all, He knows best, you're just a dumb cunt.


    Yes!!!! This is how it works!!!!


    My old blog!!


    Tot agree. Stop bitching its his rite to fuck who want

    i want to watch as my boyfriend seduces someone smaller and cuter than me. i want her to come home with us and take my place for an entire night. i’ll cook them food and wait on them hand and foot the entire night and morning after. they’ll rest on the couch together, he has full rein to say ask and do whatever he wants for her. i want to watch her get on his lap and kiss slowly at first and getting more comfortable with each other with each passing second. i want to sit there and watch as he adventures her body and find what makes her feel good. i want him to tell me how she’s better than me, how her skin is more smooth, her smile is more attractive, her tight body makes mine look shameful, he’s never going to touch me again now that he has someone more fun than me. they’ll sleep in our bed afterwards and i’ll sleep on the carpet in the bedroom, stuffing my pathetic holes with my dildo, the only thing that would go inside of me anymore.

    Daddy went out last nite wit his friend so he put me in my kennel an told me to edge an watch porn an to respond rite away when he text me. He finaly cum home an I can hear a woman voice. I hear him say he was going to use the bathroom. He cums in the room I’m in an opens my kennel tells me he found some new holes for the nite so I need to stay here. He piss in my mouth while he tells me that calls me a good girl an leaves the room. I can hear him telling her how pretty she is an how good her pussy feels. I jus smiled becuz my daddy deserve to be happy an fuck new holes. Its a man rite to do that.


    The blonde is having a time of her life. Posing to her boyfriend who is taking a pic of her with a new friend she has just found on their vacation trip. And the brunette has now saw her blonde friend’s boyfriend for the very first time. A stud showing big bulge through those swimming trunks. Look at the face of the brunette: she is impressed indeed!

    Next the brunette has only few more things to do. The hunk is already staring her big boobs, those that his blonde girlfriend is obviously lacking of... now she only needs to abondon her new friendship, challenge the blonde into a sexfight, beat her pussy with her own and claim the prize. She can see it’s all worth it.

    Your girlfriend tries to enjoy her spaghetti, but she can’t focus to anything now. She has invited her friend to stay in your home for a weekend and that should have meant a weekend full of fun. But when she sees her friend flaunting her cleavage and flirting with you she don’t know what to do or say. She gives you an angry look, but you can’t help it, you just have to check her friend’s tits over and over again.

    So the fun weekend is called off. But your girlfriend is no quiter, she’s a fighter. And she will fight. The fun weekend is still on, for you. Watching these two young hellcats go woman-to-woman for whole weekend all around the house is more than fun. So eat now, all of you. You will need all of that energy.

    What a moment to capture. Your brunette girlfriend has just heard how the blonde blowed you at the bathroom. Actually the blonde still has something on her lips... she has made her move. Now it’s your girlfriends turn to answer the challenge. And you know how fierce she could be. They need to find a empty room NOW! Those dresses will come off and their pussies are ready to wrestle with each other. Can the blonde blow another load from you after the fuckfight or does the brunette make her submit before that? We’ll see!

    I’ve started being a cuckquean for my bestfriend and my boyfriend. He seems to really like fucking her and puts a lot more time into it than when he did it with me. They’ve went on a few dates (which I payed for) he also bought her gifts some of which where stuff I’ve asked for or said I liked. I’m wondering if I’ll be cucking for anyone else he does like a few of my other friends and my sisters so we’ll see what happens.