“Ok, so this is mildly better than being hogtied in a trunk”, thought Natalie as she awoke from her latest assault from Captain Chloroform. She was now tied standing to a pole. The clothes she had been wearing were gone, and she had been dressed in what appeared to be a leather cat suit. Her hands where tied behind her back, actually no, she realised they were handcuffed. Given the lack of natural light (it was near pitch black) she was a little disorientated. That was probably the idea. She could feel there was a generous amount of rope above and below her breasts keeping her midsection attached to the pole. Her ankles and thighs were in a similar predicament, and she still had the pleasure of a crotch rope keeping her company. The ball gag had been replaced with what she though was probably a penis gag, and judging from what her body was telling her she was fairly sure that the remote-controlled vibrating dildo/butt plug combo she had bought earlier had been put to good use beneath the suit. This was confirmed when both appliances where set to full vibration a few moments later. Followed immediately by the lights coming on full force. “MMMMMMMPPPPPPPHHHH!!!” Natalie screamed, the first few seconds being absolute torture due to the intensity of the vibrations and the complete unexpectedness of what had happened. She banged her knee-high booted feet on the floor, given what little movement was allowed due to the rope around her ankles. The slight tapping sound was smothered by her gagged screams. “MMMPPPHHH! MMMPhh! Mmmpph” she repeated, as the sensation died down from excruciating pain to what was (admittedly) a pleasurable throbbing inside her. “Now that I have your attention Miss Portman, we can get down to business” a deep voice echoed from a microphone above her head. Natalie, shocked by the noise, pulled her head up to the location of the sound. Definitely a mistake. It was only then she realised rope had been wrapped around her neck to keep her head from moving too far away from the pole, like every other part of her body. As it pulled against her skin she coughed, and she eventually calmed down after a few seconds struggling with the coughs due to the mass stuffed in her mouth. Once she had settled down, the voice continued, “Apologies, Miss Portman, but I do suggest you minimise your movements. You will find it more comfortable in the long run” the voice continued. All the time the vibrators provide a muffled hum from inside her vagina and ass. “You are here because my client is paying me to keep you occupied for the next few weeks”. Her vocalisation for 'weeks' came out as “WMMMPPH!” The voice continued, “Now what 'occupied' means has been left entirely to my discretion”, he paused while he let this sink in. The worried expression on Natalite’s face (assuming he was monitoring it from whatever cameras he must have set up) would tell him it had sunk. He continued, “and 'few weeks' means until my client lets me know otherwise. After that you will be allowed to leave. Are there any questions?” There was a slight pause, then a frustrated “MMMppphhh!” “I’ll take that as a 'no' then.” The lights in the room went out. The only sound was the hum of the vibrators. Natalie was in total darkness for several hours, but she had no way of really telling how long it actually was. Whether her captor had forgotten to turn off the vibrators or whether he had left them on purposefully she did not know, but she did have an inkling as to which it was. After the first couple of climaxes she had decided to monitor time based on the number of orgasms. At the moment she was up to four. Maybe five. She thought she may have lost count during a particularly…active period. She was just about to increment her count anyway. “MMMMMPPPPPHHHHH!” she screamed again into the penis gag keeping her silent. “ARRGGMMMPPHH!!” Each orgasm was accompanied by a period intense sensitivity in her sex, which only subsided after several minutes. Normally after an orgasm that would be it until her next personal time, but since the vibrations were relentless she had to endure wave after wave of what at times was sensitivity, others orgasmic ecstasy and others was unbearable pain. Despite how much she tensed her body against her bonds during these periods they held firm, cruelly keeping her from relieving the pain that throbbed inside her due to her post-orgasm sensitivity. While the toys continued to do their methodical work during periods of relative calm from the pleasure/torment cycle she had tested her bonds and found them to be inescapable given her modest talents. She had always been fairly good at escaping from the ties she had been placed in by assorted lovers and, shall we say, the 'hired help' over the years, but this was much more extreme than she was used to and whoever had tied these ropes had done a good job. The handcuffs were on tight and there was no way she would be able to squeeze her hands though them, even if her elbows weren’t tied together so tight to prevent her getting any leverage. She had originally thought the leather cat suit she had been placed in while unconscious was there to please whoever was holding her against her will. But having studied her bondage over the last few hours she realised it had another purpose – the tight ropes that should have been quite discomforting and stopped her from the most basic of movements were not actually too uncomfortable. Some of the ropes were load bearing too – as her body started to tire from her standing position she found she could put some weight on certain areas to relieve her tired muscles. It was a walk in the park however - her back was killing her now and her upper arms were starting to approach what she would describe loosely as 'agony'. She was starting to appreciate the waves of climatic energy that kept pulsing through her for other reasons than just carnal gratification – they took her mind off of the boredom of the dark and the dull pain in her body. Even the painful sensitivity afterwards was keeping things from being too dull. She hated to admit it, but she actually was turned on by her helplessness to do anything about her current predicament. “You need to sort your head out fast!” She thought to herself. “This is not one of your bondage games, this is serious!” She had to admit she had a point. She should be resisting these mind games her captor was playing with her, not enjoying them! Her mind came back to her first thought about the suit, and she shouldn’t discount it. Natalie got the feeling her captor was enjoying her predicament with more than professional pride at a job well done. The thought of how easily he had kidnapped and imprisoned her sent a momentary spasm of rage through her. A Harvard graduate and Hollywood actress reduced to nothing more than a bondage slave. She should not be going through this! “MMMPHH!” she cried in frustration. Right now she would give anything for her kidnapper to return. When would the batteries in these things run out anyway? It was then she heard a door open behind her and a small amount of light dissipated into the room. For a moment it darkened again and then she heard footsteps approach her from behind. Despite herself she was nervous – there were not many things he could do to her that would be more violating, but there were a few. The footsteps stopped directly behind her. She could feel his breath on the back of her neck. “I’m going to remove the gag now” he said. “I expect you to be silent. Understand you are mine until I say differently, and you will do what I say, when I say it, without hesitation. I have left you here like this to show you both sides of the coin. You have experienced pleasure and you have experienced pain. What happens next is up to you. I can make things more comfortable for you, and a whole lot worse. You will not be leaving this room unless I will it, but how you spend your time in this room depends on your behaviour. Is that clear? One vocalisation for yes will suffice”. A few seconds pause was followed from a humble “mmpphh” from Natalie. “Good. Then lets move that gag.” The muffled hum from inside her was now accompanied by the sound of him fumbling with the straps behind her head, and after a few moments a hand came into view either side of her face, which continued to pull the penis gag from out of her mouth. Natalie worked her jaw for a few seconds and then opened her mouth to demand release. Before she uttered a syllable she remembered what her captor had said and closed her mouth instantly. The rope around her neck was loosened and carefully removed. She heard it dropping to the floor by her leather-booted feet. The man slowly circled her so they were face-to-face. Being so small Natalie had to raise her head to look into his eyes. What she saw convinced her that he was the type of man that only said things that meant. “Good. Now, I will permit you three questions. You will not speak except to ask your questions, and then you can have a comfort break. You have been in those bonds for ten hours”. Ten hours she thought! It had seemed both a lot less and a lot more. “Why are you doing this?” she blurted out at this information. “I’ve already told you. You are to be kept her until the instructions of my client say differently, after which time I will let you go” he continued in a cool tone. “I would advise you to think more carefully about the next two questions”. “Who are you? Why are you doing this?” she asked without thinking. “That is two questions, but I believe they represent one query, and so I’ll interpret them as one. I am your kidnapper”. A pause. “I am also your guardian for the next few weeks. I will ensure you are not harmed, unless you force me to harm you.” “That’s not an answer!” His hand came up and was firmly placed against her mouth. Her sweaty fleshed reformed around his hand forming a tight seal. “MMMMPPPHH!” “I told you the rules. Ask three questions, and say nothing else. I was lenient on the last question, but you have clearly forgotten my instruction.” He raised his other hand to display the ball gag he was now holding. “I suggest you do better next time we converse, Miss Portman”. He removed the hand from her mouth and using both appendages started to bring the ball closer to her lips. “Please Master wait-mmpph!” she cried as the ball was placed in her mouth. He waited. As her eyes looked into his over the ball in her mouth she realised what she had said – Master. Why had she called him 'Master'? There was a confused look in his eyes that must have been duplicated in hers. What was going on here? What was happening in her head? It was a little early to be suffering from Stockholm syndrome, and they probably didn’t mean that when they talked about idolising your kidnapper. The moment passed, her captor’s eyes refocused behind her head and the straps on her gag were tightened. She had noticed when he had held it up for her inspection that this ball gag had a padlock on it – as he used a key to lock the straps in place she knew she would not be getting it off anytime soon. Just for overkill he tightened straps that went over her head and under her chin to ensure her mouth was forced to mould itself around the ball. She was getting fed up of that rubbery taste. “MMMMPPPHH!” she pleaded, it was a simple mistake brought on by the situation – the situation she realised was controlling! From the look of the room no matter how much she screamed no one next door would be able to hear her. If there was anything next door. “I mean what I say Miss Portman. You do what I say while we spend this quality time together and it will be a much more pleasurable experience. For you. My instructions were broken, but since the lapse was not intentional the punishment will not be too severe”. Her reply “but if you know I did not mean it why are you punishing me” came out as “bummmpphh mmmpphhh mmm, mmm mmmh MMMPPPHHH mmph!” He must have understood the pleading look on her face, “Oh, I’m sure you didn’t mean to, but you still did it. We must all accept the consequences of our actions, Miss Portman, and therefore you are punished. If you had done something more severe there punishment would have been harsher. For example, I am not giving much away by saying you are being held at an abandoned industrial site and there are plenty of more unpleasant rooms you could held be in than this one. Consider this while I am gone. I will be back shortly to untie you and let you get some sleep, but the gag will remain as a reminder for next time. Unfortunately you will miss the midday meal, but at least you’ll remember to try harder for the next one”. He started to move away. “MMMPPPHH!” she vocalised. This wasn’t fair! Again he knew what she was trying to say, “I know, but then, what is?” “MMMPPPHH!” she vocalised again. As he turned Natalie made what little motion she could with her hips. He looked where she was indicating and when he raised his head she realised he knew what her question was. “Very well. I said you had one question left and I am inclined to answer this, therefore I shall. When the batteries run out. Good day, Miss Portman”. With that he started walking away. “MMMPPPHH! MMMPPPHH! ARRGGGMMPPPHH!” She sobbed and screamed, uselessly tugging at her bonds. His footsteps were swallowed by Natalie’s gagged protests, which started to change subtly as the door closed behind him as her count increased from five to six. Maybe seven.