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    ( karla souza gif hunt. )

    under the cut are 106 gifs of karla souza, who is a mexican actress. all of the gifs below the read more are small to medium and high quality. none of these gifs were made by me so full credit goes to the creators. having said that, if the owners would like credit for their gifs or want any of these taken down, feel free to message me. likes or reblogs would be much appreciated if you found this useful in any way.


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    The Underworld hotel chain fulfills the requests of special members by providing whatever they desire. These requests often include a bound and gagged fucktoy for the length of their stay. Many of the abducted girls end up in one of the secret hotels to service these high-rollers, billionaires, and mafia bosses. She was abducted just a few days ago from a club somewhere in a major US city. Now she waits for him to return to his room to fulfill all of his perverted desires. Membership has its perks.