These lovely ladies are "Jennifer" (left) and "Sydney" (right). They are being hypnotized by their friend "Alex P".

Indeed, while YMMV of course, I find Jennifer and Sydney doubly lovely since I believe "zaftig*, girl-next-door BFFs enjoying G-rated hypnosis in oh-so-susceptible, rag-dollish ways" is a scenario that is sorely underrepresented in hypno videos.

Additional BONUS: I always find it fun to compare the reactions of female friends to hypnosis. Jennifer, as you might guess depending on your stereotype of goth girls, is pretty mellow and ain't going to let certain commands harsh her mellowness. She's not going to be bothered to keep her eyes open when she's told to struggle to keep them open. Sydney on the other hand is that stereotypical "good girl" who when faced with a command to struggle to keep open is going to deliciously struggle to keep them open... wonderful blinking and cute little mix of determination on her face as, of course, she's losing all muscle tone in her face. (Sigh.) That said, once the sleep command comes, you might find it anti-climactic that she just shuts her eyelids. But fear not! Once the first deepening command comes that she'll go 100 times deeper once her chin hits her chest, she's GONE. (Double sigh!)

* P.S. "Zaftig" means "having a full, rounded figure; plump (typically used of a woman)". From the German/Yiddish saftig meaning "juicy". ;)