Also not only was he present at Waco, he was also present at Ruby Ridge.

Never forget that the ATF targeted Randy Weaver, tried to get him to spy for them on a church he wasn’t a member of (he had just visited a couple times but didn’t fully agree with their views), and in order to compel him to cooperate they sent an undercover agent to offer Weaver a significant amount of money to make minor modifications to two shotguns (which shouldn’t even be a crime).

They then charged him with firearms violations and used that pressure to try to convince him to inform on the church (that again he wasn’t a member of). At this point he had no reason to believe he would get a fair trial.

He had just moved his family into the mountains in Idaho in an attempt to get away from everything and just raise his kids in peace. He just wanted to be left alone.

When he didn’t show up for the trial for crimes that shouldn’t be crimes, the ATF and FBI brought SWAT and APCs and snipers to face a family living in the mountains. U.S. Marshals killed Weaver’s son and his dog, and a sniper killed his wife.

When Weaver and his daughter gave themselves up, Weaver was eventually cleared of all charges except failing to appear in court. For charges that were crap to begin with.

The same ATF that created the whole situation out of NOTHING decided they needed a “win” to prove they were accomplishing something as an agency.

So they decided to go after David Koresh and the Branch Davidians.

David Chipman was involved in both of these atrocities.

They want to promote him.

Here’s the link to the petition from the Firearms Policy Coalition.


Never hire this idiot