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    It’s MY BIRTHDAY!!

    Wanna help me celebrate? Go read one of my ‘it’s not wrong to be KINKY’ books on amazon kindle! LOL

    Have a Little Faith ©January 2021

    Nick and Ginger Stories

       Patience Squared ©January 2021

      The Touch She Craves *   **

       Mile High Service

       Nick and Ginger: PDAs and BDSM

    Finding Her Way in a Man’s World ©August 2020

    The Drakon

    The Drakon II: A Lily Blooms ©June 2020

    Morrigan and the Wolfe

    Morrigan Meets the Wolfe *

    Morrigan Meets the Wolfe Part 2 – Lessons to Learn ©August 2020

    Rehabilitation House Precinct 9: C926s Story

    Part One

    Part Two

    Erotic Tales From the Mind of a Recalcitrant Redhead (Anthology 7 stories marked with *)

    Sarah and Jace Stories

      Sarah’s Submission **

      Sarah’s Meltdown

    Charlotte Series

      Open Wide, Charlotte Book 1

      Wider, Charlotte Book 2

      Good Girl, Charlotte Book 3

    Charlotte’s Audition at the Theater of Dreams Book 4

    The Chelsea Hotel: Where Serving You is Our Pleasure                                                      



    NKP: Naked, Kneeling, Prepared *  **

    NKP: Every Trick Deserves A Treat (With the return of Sarah and Jace)

    Caged In Castleford

    Kami’s Trial *

    Beth’s Night Out *   **

    School’s In

    To Protect And Serve At His Feet

    Annie’s Continuing Education: Part One

    Jane’s Midnight Showing At the Paris

    Bound: Bloodlust and Bondage *