Looking For Penis Stroking Friends

I've given into porn and masturbating my penis constantly like a handsex addict. It's all I want to do, but I get off hardest sharing with buds who understand my obsession over this kind of porn. Message me with anything, let's exchange info and be friends online or real...

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    NSFW Apocalypse of 2018

    So now that Tumblr has officially announced they’re no longer supporting blogs that feature adult content, many of us have one month to move out.

    Let’s strike up a dialogue regarding Plan B & discuss alternative options. We’d love to hear from other content creators & couples blogs like ourselves as well as the thousands of awesome adult content consumers such as you who like & share your hearts out💕

    Where should we move the masses of displaced users & why? Comment below👇🏻

    This site called is welcoming us with open arms. It isn’t up yet but it has been recommended to me several times now

    Here’s another

    I’ve also heard of a place called

    Okay at first glance looks pretty cool. Tumblr like layout for the login page. I’m going to take a look into this.


    Thought I’d share this with my followers. I received it from a fellow blogger. These are alternative sites to Tumblr after the December 18 porn apocalypse arrives!

    Megan and I are thinking about starting a Twitter account and keeping an eye on these various blogs and see where the majority of people settle down.

    My first choice is blogr me thinks. Yup, see yall there or somewhere. Till then, tumblr till she quits us. Peace