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    My “Daddy” and I have a game we play because we are both horny fuckers who can’t get enough. Whenever his demanding male urges take-hold, he’s allowed to just go for it without asking. He tackles me onto the couch or floor or where ever, and pin’s me down with his arms while ripping my clothes-off.

    I love it when he literally tears and rips my panties apart to get at my wet, lil, honey-pot. By the time he’s able to grope my horny cunt, it’s soaked and ready to be mounted. A gasp escapes my lips when he climbs atop my petite body and plunges his big “daddy-toy” deep inside my silky, throbbing, pussy.

    I love how he claims my womb like a wild animal…roughly pounding…hips bucking…balls slapping….hair tugging. I always whimper out, “Ohhhhh…yes!! yes!! godddd yesss!! Take that pussy…it’s yours rightfully as a man.”

    He grunts like a wild ape…”It’s OK sweetie, you can’t help but be slutty…it’s how nature programmed you.”

    I moaned…”Yes!! Yes!! I can’t help but want cock…constantly. I need it like a good lil girl.”

    Panting now he grunts-out, “It’s ok to be a slut…lil girl…don’t let society shame you…don’t let them ruin your right to enjoy sex. I’m gonna mark your milking cunt so full of cum it’ll be like my signature on the inside of your womb.

    I’m gonna make you feel like a true woman and put my baby deep inside you.” And with that he grunted hard…bucking his hips, pumping 5-6 hot spurts of cum into my quivering, fertile, fuck-hole. That pushed me over the edge and my body shook with orgasms. I always feel so loved when I have a pussy brimming with “Daddy” seed.




    While their husbands were in Iraq, Grace and Holly helped each other keep their promise to them that they wouldn’t fuck any other guys while they were gone.

    It wasn’t their fault their husbands were both too dumb to mention other women, now was it? And as far as their mother- and father-in-law were concerned, all they saw was two sister-in-laws spending time together while their two sons were gone.