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    I hadn’t seen my mate Jon for some time. The last time we saw each other in the flesh was three years ago. We’d been texting on and off since, and had made plans to meet when I was next in his area, but nothing seemed to happen. I’d known that he’d become poz, and while that was a slight turn on, and I admit I’d jacked off to the idea of him pozzing me, I knew it was ultimately irresponsible thoughts.

    We’d finally got around to having some free time, and arranged a weekend when we were both about. We used to gear up and fuck in his sling back in the day. I knew that it would be cheeky to assume this would happen regardless whenever we met. I liked him too much as a friend and known him too long to take the piss and expect sex every time we saw each other.

    He’d told me that it would be a mellow weekend and, he’d welcome the company. He’d been having the occasional mojo loss apparently. One of those side effects of becoming poz which I fully respected. I told him that it would be fine, but would he mind if I wore a little something, as we’d always felt free and comfortable hanging out in some rubber. He was cool about that, and so I popped a couple of bits in my bag to change into when I got there.

    So we met up, was good to see him after all this time. He’d been completely freaked out by becoming poz. His messages to be were initially all of concern and worry, and then he seemed to relax back into his old self once he started meds. We’d even text filthily about brotherhood and pozzing once he got into his groove. I knew he wouldn’t want to hurt me, and we were too close. I was surprised at how he looked – no major changes, but a certain look about him that I’d discovered poz men have. Whether through meds or how severe things were. He still looked good, but I knew that he had had a few issues about it all over time.

    As the afternoon wore on, he said to make myself at home and slip into something more comfortable if I fancied. It felt a bit awkward, but he said he was totally fine about it. So I thought I’d pop a rubber vest and shorts on, and then came back into the room and joined him on the sofa. “Ooh nice” he said and smiled. “I might have to join you after all”. I thought that would be great. It had been ages and just feeling comfortable around each other in gear was great.

    He came back into the room with similar gear on. His chap shorts with the yellow stripe and jock looked as hot as ever, as was the zip up vest. I’ll admit my cock was stirring when I saw him like that. However we were behaving and you know, it’s not just all about sex, yeah? He went and got us a couple of drinks and we laid back and stared bored towards the TV. Some quiz show or other. I wasn’t really sure. However I started feeling a bit weird. Headachey, and also like I’d taken some Nytol or sleep aid. Admittedly it had been a long day and so wasn’t that bothered at first. “He put his hand on my stomach and gentled rubbed my nipples. Oh man, it was fantastic. “You’re looking good mate”, he said. “You too fella. Have missed this, just hanging out” Staring into his eyes as he grinned. I thought nothing of how I was feeling otherwise, just fully in the moment enjoying time with my mate in gear. He leaned in to kiss me and it was just like the old days. I assumed kissing would be fine. People would still kiss if they weren’t feeling sexual. Or at least I assumed. I was starting to get hard in my shorts increasingly lost in the moment, not feeling like I was in a hurry to get up or move out of his way.

    His hand moved down to my crotch and he gently stroked to hardening rubber bulge “Hmmm, nice”. I had missed this, and so was lost in the moment. He began to unzip my crotch and I just let him do it. Thinking that if this was a loss of mojo, then lord knows what he’d be like when his mojo was back. Just mates. Enjoying each other. He knew how to work me, after all these years, and I was letting him.

    I hadn’t thought where this was heading. Just loved and was living the moment. We came up for air and I reached to finish off my drink. I drained the bottle and thought it tasted a little sediment-y at the bottom. I just assumed it was the beer. I’d not heard of the brand before, as I’m not a craft beer drinker, so just believed that this was craft beers tasted like.

    Then I stood up, almost as if to halt what might be happening between us. I felt quite dizzy and asked for some water. That was the last thing I remembered then anyway.

    Waking up a little later, I groggily looked at my surroundings. The heat of the day had made the sheets sticky and, oh… this was his rubber playsheet. I recognised it from many times. How did I get here? I also felt a weight on my neck. A chain and padlock. I sure as hell wasn’t wearing that earlier. I started to feel a bit concerned and tried to focus. It was his playroom. I’d been here many times before but just wasn’t expecting to be in it on this occasion. I tried to look around and spot where he was.

    I could see him in the chair across the room. “Hello mate. You’re back with us then?” He was grinning. I just felt like I’d embarrassed myself and passed out. “I just needed to get you a bit more on my wavelength mate. You see, yes it’s technically true the meds are playing with my head and libido. What I didn’t mention was that I decided to bin them. I’m ‘between meds’ so to speak. Well, that’s if I decide to restart them again that is”. Now I was a tad concerned. This seemed a bit of a set-up.

    “You always seemed to get off on the idea of me being poz, and that’s horny. However I’ve been getting off on the idea of you being poz too. But as you say, ‘it’s all horny chat’”

    Oh shit, where was this heading? I thought.

    “But you know, I get the feeling that you want to join us. And I want you to join us too”

    Shit. He’s gone into gifter mode. Fuck. I tried to pull myself up, only to realise the chain around my neck was tugging on something else. Oh fuck. He’s secured me like some animal. I looked over and he was grinning. He stood up and came towards me, and put me in a headlock and stuff a bottle of poppers under my nose. Jesus fuck they were strong. My cock seemed to strain harder than ever. Chemical lust fled through my head into my brain.

    He uzipped his cock and jerked it into my face, it’s a hot cock, and at that moment it looked like a work of art and the tastiest thing ever.


    I was both terrified but horny as fuck. Maybe this was some scene or something. Maybe he was horny and wanted to do a bit of role play. I filled my mouth with that cock. A brief flash reminded me that it was slightly different now. Not necessarily in form, but, you know, it was now poz.

    “Nice mate. You see, I know that you want this. And I want this too. I want to free you. I want you to be my pozbrother. That’s why I decided to arrange this recruitment session”

    I was too far gone to recognise logic or sense by this point. Just devouring that beautiful poz cock. He looked magnificent. It was somehow what I imagined but never genuinely thought it would be like. Someone who I’ve known and loved all these years now wanting me to become like him. It was fucked up, but increasingly I was loving it. It was all making perfect sense.

    He pulled out of my mouth and told me to turn around. As much as I could with the limited movement, I was now obeying his every word. My hole was seemingly asking for it, suddenly hungry.

    “This ain’t gonna take long pig. I’ve been edging watching you and didn’t want to allow for any time to elapse before you realised what I was doing”

    Shit. This was it. He was off meds and about to fire toxic cum into me. I would have applauded his enterprise had it not circled around him infecting me. Yet my cock was reacting well enough and he was being pretty rough regardless. We’d had some hardcore sessions in the past but this was something else. Like he had drive and purpose.

    “You and I have a great future ahead of us now. Let me make you a convert, let me make you into a brother like… Aaaaargh!”

    Hang on. He’s… he’s just flooded my hole with cum. No, no, no, no, no. This must be a trick. Some set up. He lowers his weight upon me and whispers in my ear “Welcome to the brotherhood”

    There it was. The moment I’d wanked about. The moment I genuinely feared, but secretly wanted. It was a strange feeling. We were both there. Intimate, yet still brutal. I was his prey, or that’s how it felt anyway. Yet his determination and poz worldview saw me as a target for assimilation. I was both terrified and turned on. Honoured, even.

    “Why didn’t you just say you wanted to do this?” I panted.

    “Because I knew you’d chicken out. I knew that the reality of the situation would scare you off. I had to make sure that didn’t happen, otherwise I’d never have claimed you”

    I was half dumbstruck but also touched at his words.

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if the flu starts kicking off within a fortnight. I’ve been off meds a while, and the last guy I bred a month ago has already come back to thank me for bringing him into the brotherhood. You have one load in you now anyway. I will happily fuck you a couple more times just to make sure”

    There’s no rational response to that. All I could look at the tenderness, and the hunger of him. This was brand new territory. One of my best mates wanted me to be poz like him so I could enjoy that life, and I knew that I would come around to thanking him eventually. All I could do now was to look him in the eye and say

    “Yes brother. Make me like you. Let us become one.”


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