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    can you imagine how freaky shark mermaids would be like unlike sharks, shark mermaids would have actual arms/hands and could rely on touching things with their hands to see if they’re prey rather than having to bite like sharks do. like youre just swimming in the ocean and suddenly you feel a strong grip on your leg, you freak the FUCK out because uh what????? the fuck??? youre swimming alone in the ocean??

    a head pops out of the water, dorsal fin pointed from its back and it just points at you and says in a low whisper: “i thought you were a seal. please dont swim alone like this, im sorry i scared you i just wanted to see what you are” and then disappears back into the depth. what the fuck.


    no come back ma’am


    *under my breath* underwater girlfriend


    underwater wife


    Underwater love of my underwater life


    Each one of her teeth is an underwater knife

    When she has problems I help solve her underwater strife


    Just saw a very serious tumblr post refer to adults age 25+ as “older adults.” I am begging you kids to go outside and interact with diverse groups of people. Please. It’s for your own good.


    The human lifespan, according to tumblr:

    Birth to 17.99999999 years: Child. Doesn’t matter where you fall in that range. You are a helpless, innocent child.

    18-approximately 21 years: Adult. Full internet privileges!

    21-25 years: Sketchy adult. You can stay, but you’re on thin fucking ice.

    25 years to end of life: Senior citizen. Old fart. Washed up has-been with nothing to contribute to society who should never socialize below their age bracket. Also probably a pedophile.

    something that I feel like is missing from fandom nowadays is the idea that you dont have to have a unified, chronologically/tonally consistent interpretation of your favorite work. your fics dont have to fit within the same version of canon, even if theyre all canon-compliant on their own. your headcanons can contradict each other. be a multishipper. write metas that take two totally different interpretations of the same plot point. write a character as a villain and then write them as the hero next time. write a character as a lesbian and then write them as straight next time! engage in hypotheticals and drop them when you get bored! make up the rules as you go!! have fun with it!!!


    Someone give me a fact about history that will make me examine my assumptions about the world


    oh my goodness this is fascinating, he was also emperor of the Empire of Mali (which was the world’s largest producer of gold at the time). This was the only artist’s depiction i could find that was done in his lifetime:


    and then i got sidetracked by all the modern artist who low highkey want to bang this 14th cent emperor


    oh my stars this is so cool. Enheduanna (2285-2250 BCE) was the earliest writer in history whose name we know. She was a high priestess who wrote hymns to the goddess Inanna–who, incidentally, is the oldest deity whose name is still known!


    purge of 2002? of 2012? what ARE those?

    Oh, how quickly the past is forgotten. 

    They are part of the reason A03 is a thing now. Not the whole reason, but part of it. 

    The Great Purges of 2002 and 2012 are when ff.net got a wild hair up their ass about THINK OF THE CHILDREN and nuked any fic posted on there that was explicit. Thousands upon thousands of nc-17 smutfics were lost.

    It’s what led to the creation of alternate hosting sites for smutty fic…AdultFanfiction was the one I went to…but thousands of fics would never be recovered. 


    Shit like the Great Purges and the Strikethrough of Livejournal eventually led to fans banding together to create A03, which I would have absolutely KILLED for when I was 15.


    Back up ao3 was created by fans?


    It’s…right on the main page. 


    I love this because I will bet you that persefv has read that bit we are all so inundated with hyperbole and advertising that says that the consumer is somehow in charge of whatever product they are shilling that we all just assumed this was another sales tactic.


    But we’re not even… selling anything…  *quiet sobs*


    No ads. No subscriptions. No data selling.

    We are the definition of “what it says on the tin.”


    Is there any way to spread this info? 


    Nonprofit, so that nobody could ever say, “this isn’t making enough money; it’s getting shut down.” (See: Geocities, Quizilla, Figment, G+.) With lawyers involved and a firm awareness of the legalities of fanfic, so nobody would decide “we’ve gotten a nasty letter from a megacorporation with lawyers, so we’re hiding because we can’t afford to face a lawsuit. (Jedi Hurtaholics, Trevizo’s Millennium site.) With teams, so that an argument between co-mods didn’t result in the destruction of a whole archive. (Gryffindor Tower, Detention.)


    It is by fans, for fans. Fans do all the coding. All the legal paperwork. All the abuse/tos violation complaints. Fans make all the choices about policies. Fans decide how to run the fundraisers. Fans write the blog posts. All the volunteer staff are fans; all the people who train them are fans. Fans wrangle all the tags. 

    (And the other OTW projects, too. Fans manage the entries at Fanlore. Fans run the Open Doors project. Fans publish Transformative Works and Cultures.)

    EVERYONE WORKING FOR THE OTW LOVES FANDOM. Wants it to survive. Wants it to be awesome for everyone.

    (Knows that it can’t be awesome for everyone; some approaches to fandom just clash hard. But they strive to minimize those clashes as much as possible, because they love fandom.) 

    AO3 is not some company that decided, “we’ll make a site for fanfic and then…” I don’t know what people are thinking is the reason. Money? Data harvesting? Tax shelter? Amusement and pity?

    Nope; AO3 was fans saying, “Livejournal sucks; we’re tired of this fucked-up ‘rebuild every three years’ garbage; WE NEED TO OWN THE DAMN SERVERS.”

    That’s the “of our own” part of the name. OTW isn’t a “them” running the site “for us.” It’s “us” making places for “us” to share what we love with others of “us.” 


    This this this.

    I was there for all of that shit, and AO3 is a godsend. If you enjoy or create fanworks, support AO3, donate if you can, and remember why it’s there in the first place!!


    Fandom history really does get lost quickly. For current 20-something fans, AO3 has always been there.



    > I don’t know what people are thinking is the reason. Money? Data harvesting? Tax shelter? Amusement and pity?

    Based on some of the tickets we get in Support? Data harvesting. Between the requests by users for Google-Analytics-level fine-grained data and









    requests we get by Random Researcher #68? Definitely data harvesting. (99% of the time, we don’t have the data they’re asking for, because we really do out damnedest to not collect that much data.)


    “What’s the gender breakdown of your users?”

    “How educated are your users?”

    “Most of your users are gay, right?”

    I don’t know! I dont want to know. Please, god, don’t tell me, it’s none of my business. It is a fanwork archive! It does not need your personal information to serve its intended purpose.


    for some reason i personally am receiving a lot of snide comments (and a few “kill yourself you pink cunt” etc messages) regarding this tumblr+ horseshit….despite the fact I:

  • only just heard about it, have literally nothing to do with it
  • have no intention of signing up for it? it’s bullshit?
  • have already spoken, multiple times, at length, about how i very specifically and purposely avoid putting content behind a paywall, even when it would make more sense for me financially, bc i genuinely believe in the importance of keeping online content accessible.
  • i’m assuming this is punishment for the fact i include tip jar links in some of my posts (which some of you have been, haha. passionately rude about), despite the fact reader support is how I try to earn a modest living (hi. disabled and unemployed here), while keeping this blog free of sponsors/ads, and (again) not putting extra content behind paywalls, even though that has always been an option (patreon, ko-fi, other platforms exist).

    so no, i’m obviously not signing up for tumblr’s new subscription ‘feature,’ as it’s the antithesis of the values i try to adhere to. and that i have talked about. multiple times.

    so great job tumblr. you really fucking excel at punishing people for the behavior you claim to want to see.


    well this explains a fucking lot


    Tumblr Post+ and how to prevent it

    Plenty of people here, myself included, don't want Post+. It's a paid subscription and will cause a lot (more) problems on this site.

    What does it do?

    - Allows blogs to create paid subscriptions that followers have to pay to see blog content. This can cause a lot of problems, as plenty of people come to Tumblr since it has never been a monetizable website.

    - You can't block people who "support" your blog, meaning people can bypass the blocking system to harass blogs, just at a price.

    - Creators have other outlets for these services, like Patreon.

    - Again, nobody wants to pay for Tumblr posts.

    Now, how can you help stop this?

    By filling out Tumblr's Post+ survey! This allows you to give feedback about the Post+ system and what you would/wouldn't do. You can use this to directly inform Tumblr that you DO NOT want the "Post+" feature. If anyone has anything to add to this (info, updates, etc) I encourage you to! Keep resources current!


    Please fill this out guys, let them know we're unhappy about it!


    Hello everyone! A little break from the usual but I'm really passionate about keeping Tumblr a free space for everyone to enjoy!

    If you feel the same here's a link to the survey where you can give your opinion. I just politely answered "no thank you" for most of it ✨


    Day 24093
    This is my house.
    I won’t allow anyone to harm it.
    There should have been no more intruders after the last one.
    I do not want these people here. They will leave-

    Day 24095
    They are siblings. They are loud.
    Always singing and talking and stomping. As if they must be louder than anything else.

    Day 24106
    There are bolts on the door now. Bolts and hideous, gaudy new locks.
    How dare they-

    Night 24112
    I was going to fill the night with terrors. But he woke up screaming before I began. She came running from the other room. They sleep right across the hall from each other, with the doors on a crack.
    …they are young, are they not, to be living on their own. Was I ever so young?

    Day 24129
    She has fixed the squeak in the door at the top of the stairs.
    It never squeaked when I still lived.

    Day 24121
    The noise of the doorbell scares them. But they get so many deliveries.
    It is a good bell. It has worked all these years-
    I can see one of the men coming now with his packages, trudging up to the door.
    …perhaps if I knock before he is here, they will come and look before he can sound the bell.

    Day 24114
    He is planting flowers in boxes on my windowsills.
    I always wished I could have some flowers.

    Night 24137
    She is afraid of the dark. I could see it in her eyes when she got out of bed.
    …I lit the lamps for her.

    Day 24142
    They have moved the couch to the sun spot a little to the right of the window.
    That is where I used to have my armchair.
    It is the only sensible place for it.

    Day 24163
    Sometimes the noises of the world are suddenly too much for him. He winces and tries not to sway his head.
    This is my house.
    …I can keep it calm and quiet for a while.

    Day 24178
    She just got a phone call and now they are both laughing.
    Laughter is a good sound, isn’t it.
    They said this house has been good luck…

    Night 24205
    They are singing in our kitchen.
    He found my cookbook in the gap at the back of the kitchen cabinet and now they are trying to cook.
    They wanted to start with the soufflé. They don’t even know how to make béchamel!
    I turned the page to the casserole instead.

    Day 24236
    This is my house.
    These are my boarders.
    I won’t allow anyone to harm them.


    I’m crying. This just hit all my emotions


    i love this so much!!!!!!

    Local Ghost Adopts Children


    But like, we need more ghost adopting children stuff??