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    Surfing the internet, Yuri has discovered a new kink and out of curiosity has decided to put it into practice, I never imagine how incredibly hot it would be to be fed by other boys, however, this has brought consequences and has put on a bit of weight, giving him what seems to be the beginning of a double belly that you love to proudly display to earn some new feeders to help you gain even more weight.

    Apparently I do my best work when I’m sleep deprived with a headache 2 days after having a weird near-fatal ovi dream.


    He woke up to find his head throbbing, his hair wet and sticking to his face with sweat. The dim room around him was sweltering, steam and bitter-tasting smoke clogging his nose. Eyes watering, he tried to focus on his surroundings.

    He’d… he’d been at the park, on his bike, on his way home from work… through the dark part of town. Not the way he usually took, but there was an accident and he had to take a detour near the swampy dog park that no one ever went to after nightfall.

    Slowly, his vision adjusted. Dozens of candles surrounded him in concentric circles. Fear started thudding in his heart. Someone had crept up on him in the park, and… maybe it was a prank.

    His eyes drifted downwards, and his heart skipped a beat. His jacket, still pulled up around his neck to keep back the December cold, and his t-shirt were still on his body, but now he realized that everything else was gone. He’d been stripped of his pants, his shoes, his socks, his underwear.

    “What the fuck-”

    “Ah, good,” he heard an unfamiliar voice suddenly say, “he’s awake.”

    “About time,” another, older sounding voice followed, “the solstice is nearly upon us. Get him ready.”

    Out of the shadows, people draped in dark robes appeared, silently moving between the candles towards him. Panicked, he tried to stand up to run, only to feel something sharp and metallic biting into his wrists. After a moment of struggle, and the sound of clinking behind him, he discovered that his hands were cuffed behind his back.

    A dull, murmuring hum rose in the dark room. It took him a moment to figure out that the cloaked people were chanting softly. Three of them were crouched around him, and he was still too groggy to try and move away. They placed their hands on the ground, their chanting rising in volume.

    He couldn’t make heads or tails of the language they were using, but as their voices rose, the ground beneath their hands began to glow.

    “H-hey!” he croaked, “what the hell - who are you people?? What do you want with me?”

    The older man’s voice came from the shadows, sending a shiver down his spine.

    “You shall be our Deliverance, child,” the man crooned. “You shall help us bring about the thousand children of Shub-Niggurath and purge this world of its sinners.”

    “What the fuck??” He started struggling against the handcuffs, but to no avail. The chanting only continued, the glow on the floor beginning to take the shape of a strange purple and blue rune. “I’m not helping you do anything! Let me go!”

    “You do not have a choice in the matter, child,” the man said with a soft laugh. “It is already done.”

    The rune blossomed underneath him as gusts of wind started spinning around the cloaked people. Their chanting reached a feverish pitch, and the heat in the room became almost overwhelming. He slumped backwards on the floor, trying his damnedest to somehow get the cuffs off, though he wouldn’t know where to run if he escaped…

    In a second, the chanting stopped, and his heart very nearly with it. The heat, densely packed around his body, suddenly vanished, and his whole frame shivered at the cold that flooded the room.

    The rune beneath him pulsed, and a rumble came crashing through the air. With a near deafening howl, the darkness above his head split in two, purple radiance spilling out from a rapidly growing crack.

    A moan rattled against his ears.

    He heard the hidden man murmur, “At last, it is complete…”

    The rune pulsed again, and this time, as its glow crept up his bare legs and torso, he felt something squirm inside him. At first he thought he had to be imagining it. But then he felt it again, and again.

    The splintered space overhead emitted another rumble, and the squirming inside his gut intensified. A spike of pain burst below his ribs, and he couldn’t hold back a terrified scream as his belly started to glow, red hot, the same color as the rune.

    Another squirm, and another, and another-

    His belly ballooned outwards, tearing a second guttural scream from his throat. Wet gurgling sounds reached his ears as his skin pulled taught, threatening to rip him apart. It took all his strength to sit up, to try yet again to move away from the rune, away from the thing hovering above him…

    “What-” he gasped, sweat staining every inch of his body, “what did you do to me??”

    At last the man stepped out from the shadows, and he recoiled in horror as he saw what looked like writhing tentacles emerging from beneath the man’s robes. He stepped across the threshold of candles, looming over the boy, his hood obscuring his face, but not the tentacles twitching there.

    Reaching an arm outwards, the man placed his hand upon the boy’s rapidly swelling belly. The moment his hand touched the skin, something underneath surged forward, bruising against the boy’s insides. He let out a strangled, moaning cry of pain.

    The man chuckled, his voice raspy and deeper than a human’s should be.

    “You will need to birth them quickly,” he instructed. “Many more will come through the portal, and if you are not fast enough, I’m sure your inside will rupture. And we can’t have that, can we?”

    The boy’s head swam. “…birth?” he echoed weakly.

    The man nodded. “Yes, child. As I said; you shall bring about the children of the great old ones.”

    His belly, now horribly distended, grew hard where it pressed against his thighs. The aching was tremendous, but thanks to the handcuffs pinning his arms behind his back, there was no way he could try to relieve the pain. And worse still, as it grew, he felt itching inside his gut.

    Hard, round objects started pressing up, nearly visible through his wretchedly strained skin. The cloaked man patted his belly, and just that faint touch was enough to send bursts of pain through his entire body. Slumping down to the floor again, his lungs started heaving, fighting to keep him conscious despite the pain.

    “Very good, child,” the man murmured, “very good.”

    The boy felt hands spread his legs apart, and something probe between them. His eyelids fluttered as he tried to lift his head back up to look, but the best he could manage was seeing the cloaked man in the corner of his eye, crouching down just out of sight behind his gravid belly.

    Slick, ropy flesh began between the crease in the boy’s thighs, gently prying inwards. He sensed it would be futile to struggle - all his strength was gone, stolen by the weight of his bulging belly that had finally stopped growing.

    The fleshy things - they had to be the tentacles, he wanted to puke at the thought - stretched him wide, and suddenly he felt one drive in deeper. As it did, coaxing a ragged yelp of pain from the boy, he felt something break inside him, and fluid suddenly gushed from between his legs. He felt it seep up against his legs, hot and sticky and reeking of blood.

    Pain worse than anything he’d felt so far erupted at the base of his belly, and he felt all the things inside him shift. Overhead, the distant creature moaned again, and the boy’s belly started swelling again.

    “Hurry, child,” he heard the cloaked man say, “you must push. Now.”

    The boy screamed in agony, bearing down as hard as he could. Things slipped out between his legs, and his belly continued to swell, then lessen, then swell again, alternating between horrible pain and grotesque pleasure. It just wouldn’t end, and he could feel his mind slipping away with each hard-shelled sphere he squeezed out of his body.

    And always, he could hear the cloaked man laughing as his hands pressed down on the boy’s abused, egg-laden belly.

    “Keep going, child. Bring our children unto this world.”

    Ingles: here I will leave the final part of our dear Sharky in the story “the secret masseur”, later the other 4 characters will come, I would like your opinion to know how to improve or if you want it to be in flat color as in the previous image

    Español: aquí dejare la parte final de nuestro querido Sharky en la historia “la masajista secreta”, después vendrán los otros 4 personajes, me gustaría la opinión de ustedes para saber en que mejorar o si desean que sea en color plano como en la imagen anterior