At some point you learned there is something different about you. Something deviant. Your friends talked about finding love. Making love. Having sex.

    You realized that's not for you.

    Your cunt got soaked at different things. You found yourself rubbing yourself like a bitch in heat thinking about big cocks using you like a cumrag. You longed for someone to choke you, to give you orders, to twist your mind and soul around. You want to be gaslit and brainwashed into horny bliss.

    You don't want love. You want to be broken.

    Broken. A mindless, cock-obsessed toy. Not even a person, not even capable of thought or morality. Just lust and obedience, being whoever they tell you to be, sucking and kissing and fuckiung whoever and whatever you are told to. You want it so bad... to just stop pretending, to find someone to give you that final push over the edge, beyond the point of no return.

    Work, studying, dating... you want to leave it all behind. They're not for you. You need to stop being human. You need to be a toy, a pet, a silly plaything. It gives you shame but that only makes it better, reminds you of how perverted and worthless you are.

    Reminds you that your pussy is stronger than you, and you love your own weakness.

    You advertise yourself in places like this site. You are looking for it, that final push. You're ready to let go. So let go. Let everyone know what you want. Let everyone see how desperate you are for it.

    How? Simple. Reblog and comment those words that make your cunt oh so happy, so everyone knows you're fruit ripe for picking:

    Break me.

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    And by "news" I mean Merch!

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    hey, i love your work! genuinely you are one of the best creators in hypnokink rn, but i was wondering if you could try to source the images you use in your manips? no shade or anything, once again i admire your stuff and think you make awesome content, i just know a lot of swers dont like their content being posted without it sourcing back to them (especially considering covid has probably slashed a lot of ppls income and made them dependent on sw!) . i also know that some people can be kinda rude about it - i remeber jukeboxemcsa a while back getting hate for not sourcing the images he used to use. anyways, its just something to comsider. keep making fantastic content in the meantime ❤️

    This is a very important topic, and one that matters to me immensely. Sex work is hard work and deserves the respect granted to any other job.

    The problem is that usually I don't know the source myself! In the cases where I have used pictures posted by the workers themselves I've asked for permission, given them final say on the caption and sources it to them; sadly the sites I frequent are very sloppy when it comes to sourcing and most times I don't have the info to source :(

    I feel quite evil and dark today. It's one of those "I'd make you write what a cumslut you are on your tits, take pictures then make you send them to all your friends and family, and your cunt would get so wet knowing you are ruining your life just for my pleasure" moods.

    Important Update

    I'm sorry for the horribly unsexy post, but I felt you all deserve to know a bit of what is going on.

    So... for years now I've been dealing with anxiety issues. After a lot of therapy and work I managed to gain the tools and coping systems to make it so that it doesn't really impact my day to day life or work.

    Well that went straight out the window this week. I have been experiencing acute panic episodes. Not fun. I already contacted the team that helped me out the first time (specialized therapist + psychiatrist) and we will be focusing on my recovery for a while. What this means for my day job... I pray to whatever Gods I can find that I'll get medical leave rather than a swift quick in the ass. Luckily my bosses have always been aware of my issues and supportive, but these days you never know.

    What that means for this blog is: I will absolutely not abandon it. Content may come slower and I might not respond to dms for a while. Please don't take it personally- I really appreciate all of you and love chatting with you!

    Hopefully things will go back to normal sooner rather than later, and I'll keep you posted.

    Once again, thank you all for your support, especially those that signed up for the patreon. I couldn't do this without you, and I expect to be healthier and more productive once I take the time to take care of myself.

    Be kind to yourselves and each other,



    What’s the best way a mindless sex toy can become the porn?

    Well, if you already are a mindless sex toy... half the work is done!

    All you need to do is let go of fear and misguided ideas of dignity and use that phone of yours to show the world what a good slut you are!