5'10 165lbs

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2022-09-22 23:36:16

    REBLOG for gentle, yet enthusiastic teasing + encouragement, on posts or in your DMs!! 🐖

    Lol I fucking LOVE this shit 🤭 glad I can give back to feedees and feedist creators after all the hard work y'all do

    Also plz let me tease you so I can expand my vocabulary, bc there are so many ways to describe fat that I don't even know yet hehe


    Fat camp but instead of weight loss they force you to gain massive amounts of weight through intensive feedings and don't let you leave until you've gained a contractually obligated amount.

    Not eating everything you're told to eat by the feeders results in more weight being added to your mandated goal as "punishment".


    Might write a story based on this. It's a fairly standard concept but I could make it work