Lilacs Encounters

18+ only 40+ Canadian woman who has many fantasies and kinks. Love to share my erotic and kinky stories,

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2021-01-21 15:29:35

    Oh yes - 24/7 …


    Yes daddy.


    I do and I have before. There’s no feeling in the world like being surrounded by 5 -8 guys with throbbing hard cocks. Having them take turns fucking me mercilessly as I’m naked and only in stockings! Having an 8 inch dick fuck my brains out, cum in me, just for the next one to put his right back in me where it belongs!. 😋. Fuck me hard and cum in me, that again and again till their cum drips down my thighs,is all over my face and boobs…..Looking up, my mouth full of cock, as I’m being fucked as well…..Just to see them take photos and record me being a helpless slut, being used entirely at their mercy, doing as I’m told. because I’m an obedient bimbo…💝💝💝