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    we really aren’t kidding when we say that bernie can pull votes from trump. my entire family wanted to vote for bernie last election but they all voted for trump because he wasn’t an option. 🙃


    that time Andy Samberg explained that Holt being gay isn’t a joke


    I’m really glad this post has gotten a lot of notes.


    I am so in love with how fucking annoyed Andy looks when he makes himself laugh


    There are plenty of jokes about him being gay. They just aren’t ridicule. Every time he has to pretend to he attracted to women, he can only think of “heavy breasts” as an attractive trait. His husbands parents “think I turned him gay with my magic genitalia.” We can’t forget “are you really pulling the gay card right now?” *deadpan* “yas queen”

    This interviewer doesn’t think those are jokes, because what he really wants to see is homophobia


    In this house we Stan (1) Andy and his uncomfortable non verbal facial expressions