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Check out my sister site, Hairyisnaturalandgorgeous.tumblr.com Hairy Pit Club Poet →A Womens Most Erotic Lovely Multi Faceted Embellishment! Her Body Hair! Well, the magic started at puberty! I am in class, and all of a sudden I see and yes, SMELL the erotic aromas of my beautiful sexy classmates budding “orchids” natures human flower, the pubescent succulent female pit hair! WOW I am so aroused! The light is streaming through the classroom window flowing right through to my female goddess showing the golden sheen of her lovely delicious, and yes very moist sweet pit “salad” with all natures natural “dressing”, the wonderful pheromones and succulent sweet sweat dripping from her “rain forest” to her now wet blouse! I AM SOLD! I LOVE FEMALE ARMPIT HAIR! Why would anyone remove this wonderful God given attractant to the opposite sex? Soon, several of my female classmates where budding their pubescent armpit hair…WOW!!! It was a symphony of beauty, a rain forest jungle, I was in Erotic Heaven! As the days became weeks and the weeks became months these beautiful goddesses of nature underarm forests were maturing to a “carpet” of Ecstasy! I just prayed they would not be influenced by the social norms of removing their mark of becoming a mature women! Well , eventually their mothers took note, and I was devastated! Yes, the COLD HARD STEEL concubines, those evil SHAVERS removed what was the most beautiful, erotic , thing of a women! If we could only turn back the clock and return to times when women were accepted to be VERY NATURAL! Well one could hope that women will wake up and their men will lovingly accept their naturalness! Please read this and pass it on! Thank you! Feature This Story

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