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    Ideas to explore fetishes related to male submission and female domination as a couple in a female led relationship. Many of these ideas and themes can be combined and modified to fit your needs.


    • Caged. Have him wear a chastity cage so he can only get hard and cum with permission.
    • Ruined orgasm. Stop stimulation just as he cums to deny pleasure and frustrate him.
    • Luck of the draw. Have him roll dice to determine his fate.
    • Hands to yourself. Tempt him with your body but don't allow him to touch.
    • Visual creatures. Have him jerk off for you but don't let him see your body.


    • Little guy. Tease him about his size while he's trying to cum.
    • Pretty in pink. Have him wear panties or otherwise dress up in order to cum.
    • Safety first. He has to jerk off with a condom.
    • Messy boy. He can only touch himself in the bathroom and must cum straight into the toilet.
    • Bad dog. He can only cum from humping something.


    • No pain, no gain. Give him a price to cum in the form of spankings.
    • Heating up. Let him jerk off with icy hot as lube.
    • Point system. Give him points for chores and services and reward or punish him for his total.
    • Like a girl. Pleasure him only with a buttplug or finger inserted.
    • Role reversal. Use a strap on to fuck him.

    Cum Eating

    • Clean up duty. He must lick up his own cum.
    • Own medicine. He must cum directly into his face or into his mouth.
    • Bottoms up. Have him cum in a shot glass and swallow it.
    • Cherry on top. Make him garnish a dessert with his cum and eat it.
    • Made your bed. Have him cum on your pussy and go down on you.


    • Like magic. Hold his penis still in your hand or pussy and have him try to cum.
    • Softie. He can only jerk off and cum while he isn't fully hard.
    • Personal best. Give him a time limit he has to cum within.
    • Nostalgic. He can only cum while making out with you fully clothed and dry humping.
    • Easy does it. He can only stimulate himself with one finger.


    • On my mark. Give him a countdown.
    • Past your bedtime. Give him sleeping pills and only let him jerk off when they're kicking in.
    • Whiskey dick. Give him shots and make him try to get hard and cum.
    • Self incriminating. Make him ask to be denied pleasure or punished and explain why he deserves it.
    • Time out. Send him to time out for unwelcome sexual attention.


    • Jealousy. Tease him with fantasies about another man.
    • The flirt. Flirt with someone else in front of him.
    • Compare and contrast. Have a threesome but neglect or exclude him.
    • Warden. Give his chastity key to a lover of yours.
    • Exclusive. Reserve your body for your lover and deny him.

    Forced bi

    • Self suck. Give him a dildo and do to his dick as he does to the dildo.
    • Sloppy seconds. Have a man cum in your pussy and have him lick it out.
    • Conversion therapy. Only let him cum to gay porn.
    • Teamwork. Bring a guy home and make him help you suck and fuck him.
    • Showtime. Bring a gay guy home and have him put on a show for you.