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    teen wolf characters as john mulaney quotes

    stiles: NO! that’s the thing i’m SENSITIVE about!

    scott: i was like, top three colleges? i thought i would be dead in a trunk sticking my head out the tail light by now

    lydia: i’ll keep all my emotions right here, and then one day i’ll die

    allison: hey, do you want me to kill that guy for you?

    derek: and they go, no! in fact, we’re gonna frame you for murder!

    isaac: i’m new in town, and it gets worse

    boyd: brush your teeth and drink orange juice. that’s life

    peter: we gotta think of some weird slow activities to fill the day

    liam: i am so horny and angry all the time and i have no outlet for it

    kira: remember being 12, when you’re like, no one look at me or i’ll kill myself?

    jackson: i will pepper in the fact that i’m gay

    cora: i’m really sorry about last night, it’s just that i’m mean and loud. it probably will happen again

    erica: i was in connecticut recently doing white people stuff

    mason: i look back on being 17 and think, oh my god, how did i not die?

    malia: thanks for asking! well... you know how i’m filled with rage?

    theo: and i said ‘no!’, you know, like a liar

    chris: shut up, you’re all gonna die! street smarts!

    corey: was there ever really a ghost, or was the dead victorian girl you saw just me all along?

    sheriff: he was a man most acquainted with misery

    melissa: you know those days when you’re like, this might as well happen? adult life is already so goddamn weird

    I just… love the mess that is teen wolf so much. I love the cheap fights with techno music blasting, the funny way they extend their claws, the villains that turn into allies because there’s even worst enemies to defeat, the healing abilities that work or not depending on the plot, the friendship of Scott “I’m not letting him die” McCall and Stiles “Could you aT LEAST thiNK abOUt letting hiM DIE??” Stilinski, the non existent lights from season 5 to 6, the highs and lows of lacrosse, the coach and Greenberg, the random resurrections, ….I just…. there’s twin werewolves that merge into each other creating a big ass dude, there was a dude with a mouth on HiS hAND. I love teen wolf.