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    Public displays of obedience

    In the future, obeying your wife in public and being openly submissive will be socially acceptable and common place.

    More women in positions of power in the economy and female led marriages will normalise male submission. It will be normal for a woman to bring her husband to heel and remind him of his place whilst in public.

    Just like a mother reprimanding a child or a dog owner training a puppy, it is better to take corrective action at the time it happens to enforce learning and improve his behaviour.

    Husbands will commonly drop to their knees to kiss the shoes of their owners as a mark of respect and to acknowledge her ultimate authority.

    Rather than being perceived as “kinky”, other women will smile at his obedience, knowing that another female led marriage is flourishing. Single men will stare with envy, hoping to be collared by a dominant woman in the future. It will reinforce a female led society and respect for all women.