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    A good article about Tumblr from some insiders:


    i absolutely adore this paragraph:

    According to Brennan, "the key is to look at Tumblr as a creative culture platform versus a tech platform. People don't come to Tumblr because the features are groundbreaking." Automattic can't treat Tumblr like WordPress. "WordPress is a utility, it's easy to use, it gets you up and running," she notes. If Facebook is a phonebook where "you go to connect with people you like, find a handyman, pick an event," and Twitter is a call-in radio show where "you hear all these different opinions, but you can shoot back," then Tumblr is a high school cafeteria. Aesthetics, normies, weird art kids, goths, and musicians all have their place, Brennan says, "and you can be anything you want to be. Sometimes you don't fit into one so you try another. There's eavesdropping. You're always going to learn something, no matter where you are."


    Come for my kids…. I dare you


    This happened I Fort Worth!


    "Nothing ever goes wrong when you start talking about re-education. Just ask Chairman Mao. Maybe we can set up some sort of camps."

    Bill Maher

    "Symbols of unity matter. And purposefully fragmenting things by race reinforces a terrible message that we are two nations hopelessly drifting apart from each other. That's not where we were even ten years ago and it's not where we should be now," Maher told his audience, which responded with applause.

    "If we have two anthems, why not three? Or five? Why not a women's anthem? A Latino anthem? A gay, trans, Indigenous Peoples, an Asian and Pacific Islander anthem?"


    That’s why I always loved Bill Maher!


    Absolutely based.


    Taking it to them Flintstones style


    Well, we can no longer trust our Court Systems in any way... so....


    817 in the house!


    ☝️This can't be done soon enough👆


    That would be great to get government out of education all together


    And don’t forget the first in the Chelsea series… The Chelsea Hotel: Lissette




    We are so Fucked!


    With that, the last Iowa Class Battleship name has been reassigned. I don't think there was any doubt the navy planned on reactivated any of them after retiring them in the early 1990's. But it also means there's only 2 states names not assigned yet, South Carolina and Kansas.

    Kinda interesting they have chosen a Columbia class SSBN sub and not a Virginia Class sub. Especially since the Virginia Block Vs have not been filled up yet and the colombias haven't even begun construction. Probably more of a political move than anything else.


    Only free for a couple of days, then you must have a subscription. Total bs.

    Free Speech Outlaw


    What the fuck


    I’m too angry and overwhelmed about this article to not share it. This was published early today (Jan 21st, 2020) after 20 months of investigative journalism by Justin Nobel, and everyone should read this.

    Some key points:

  • Oil and gas drilling produces a byproduct called brine, which turns out is very radioactive.
  • This radioactive waste is transported in unmarked (no radioactivity placard) trucks by drivers who have no idea how radioactive their load is, and have no safety equipment to protect themselves or others. The standard brine truck is 1,000 times above DOT limits.
  • The waste is not regulated by the EPA, or anyone. “In fact, thanks to a single exemption the industry received from the EPA in 1980, the streams of waste generated at oil-and-gas wells — all of which could be radioactive and hazardous to humans — are not required to be handled as hazardous waste.”
  • “In 2016, a brine truck overturned on a bad curve in Barnesville, Ohio, dumping 5,000 gallons of waste. The brine water flowed across a livestock field, entering a stream and then a city reservoir, forcing the town to temporarily shut it down.”
  • Radioactive brine is given to towns across America to be used as road salt in the winter, or “dust tamper” in the summer. “On a single day in August 2017, 15,300 gallons of brine were reportedly spread.” If you’ve ever wondered where radioactive waste gets stored… well one answer is that they simply spread it across roads. Does your town do it? Who knows. You might want to find out.
  • “Regulators defend the practice by pointing out that only brine from conventional wells is spread on roads, as opposed to fracked wells. But conventional-well brine can be every bit as radioactive, and Burgos’ paper found it contained not just radium, but cadmium, benzene, and arsenic, all known human carcinogens, along with lead, which can cause kidney and brain damage.”
  • “Animals on Kerri’s farm [near an injection well] dropped dead — two cats, six chickens, and a rooster. A sheep birthed babies with the heads fused together. Trees were dying.”
  • “A lot of guys are coming up with cancer, or sores and skin lesions that take months to heal,” [Peter] says. Peter experiences regular headaches and nausea, numbness in his fingertips and face, and “joint pain like fire.” 
  • “Randy Moyer, a former brine hauler in Pennsylvania [..] says he quit the job when burning rashes and odd swelling broke out across his body after only four months.”
  • But hey, I’m sure it’s fine.


    Man, reading this article took me right back to all my tox classes where we talked about the history of things like PCBs, and asbestos, and mercury. Things we now know are deadly, but that we previously used with gleeful abandon wherever we felt like it.

    Point of order, tho - as they mention in the article, it isn’t the type of well that dictates how radioactive any given brine is, it’s what geological formation that well is drilled into, and that’s going to vary based on 1) what they’re drilling for, and 2) geography/stratigraphy. 

    So in the US this is a giant problem in New York and Pennsylvania where they’re drilling into the Marcellus shale, which is loaded with radium. A well drilled into, for example, the Pierre Shale in Colorado will produce minimally-radioactive brine.

    That said, it still shouldn’t be SPREAD WILLY-NILLY ON DIRT ROADS.

    I just. What even.


    As a previous Commercial truck driver with tanker and haz-mat endorsements, and also a citizen of the Earth, this pisses me the fuck off.


    This is absolutely horrible and disgusting so where is this waste ending up at.. in our backyards..😡😡😡



    Don’t believe the lies they tell you! What that do not tell everyone is we spend Millions of dollars recycling our water to reuse in our operations! Been in oil and gas for many years!


    Yes watch it all!

    Yes they do