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    Anonymous asked :No...I prefer the anonymous asks because we are mutuals but I am awkward talking in private.. Anyways I think I like one of my girl friends but I am not sure.. I think I wanna have sex with her because she is sexy and Pretty but she has a crush on a boy..What if it's not sex only but I also like her??? 😳 asked :

    okay sure, whatever is more comfortable for you then uwu

    and as about that–

    it’s a little complicated. you might like her generally as a whole and want to experience stuff with her, but you might as well just see her sexually, if you like her when she’s looking after someone else,, djdjjdd idek, i think the best way to kinda solve this is to talk with her about it. you never know, she might feel the same way and yet be too awkward to confess such feelings. if you don’t feel like doing so due to shyness or embarrassment then,, idk i’m so sorry djdjd i’m so bad at this uGH

    talking stuff out is always awkward but keeping it all in to yourself is worse, with the fact that it might drop your mood at a certain point through overthinking and whatnot

    but yeah,, sorry this shit is kinda useless lmfao, i haven’t been in similar situation so i can’t really tell but i hope everything works out the best for you

    Anonymous asked :Whats your favorite song at the moment? asked :

    ok, so there’s this one song that i listen to regularly bcus idk, i like the lyrics and all djdjdj whatever, it’s called “pink bubblegum” by lavi. also the night before a song popped up in my recommendations on youtube and it’s called “aphrodite” by rini and oof- this shit slaps

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    Anonymous asked :I do not have anything certain I want to ask you so here is a scenario!! Let's say that you are in love with a girl and she does not know of it but asks you for a one night stand: what do you do? Take the opportunity or decline so that you do not get hurt? asked :

    i accept her offer lmao-

    it would either be my souvenir before going off trying to get over her or it would be so nice, things would get another trope

    Inbox me (1) thing you want to know about me.

    Anonymous asked :Irrelevant with the previous anon but what if you turned ou to be bi? asked :

    then i would just turn out to be bi, nothing more or less. i’ve dated and liked men before, thinking i was specifically pan, but i would always just feel way different for girls, up to the point that it started being clear to me and didn’t like men sexually, but if i turned out to change my mind on such topic i would just keep being the very same person with a small change to my sexual preference