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    (also i’ve been feeling like shit bc of my myopia and the irresponsability of the social work of health in my country, like ¿¿¿¿¿ that isn’t helping so yes, i’m gonna pull my eyes out at this point jaja ;-; but leaving that aside i feel fine??? stress and all that shit will be always there but i don’t feel like bad bad so that’s a progress ;u;👌💞)

    [bitch, stay fine stay healthy or i am going there just to punch u with my heart and hug you and to make you be fine >:-( 💘❤💓💕💖💗💙💚💛💜💝💞💟❣bitch-]

    uwuwu i see- hope you will work it out soon with your eyes, i’ve been wearing glasses since i was like 4 or 5 so i get it, hang in there ♡♡♡ and i’m glad that you overall feel good, please stay positive, of course there will always be an amount of stress but you shall do your part too ~

    and uwu i’m healthy and all but i wouldn’t mind some hugs uwuwuu ♡

    also,, is that gowon? 🤧

    Anonymous asked :I was diggin into your old asks and I just found out your demiromantic. I thought you were an aro lesbian but this also seems right.. so I wanted to ask if you would like to be in a relationship or if you avoid it? (I am not aro or demiromantic but I find myself avoiding dating a lot for no particular reason and wanted to know your opinion too) asked :

    oh i see djdjjd i was asked before too if i was an aro and i totally get that but yeah,, no- i just can’t fall in love with someone i don’t know well enough; as about the sexual tension, it’s a whole different thing for me

    about your question tho, i don’t entirely avoid dating. to be 100% honest, i miss the feeling of being in love but i’m also quite scared of it due to the fear of the rejection etc. but if the opportunity was given, yes i would love to be in a relationship right now, but i’m fine without one too, just as i said, i just kinda miss the feeling of being in love, so this is what i feel over relationships and love itself these days

    as on why you might avoid relationships, it’s probably something personal of yours that might as well have to do with quite many factors (such as a previous heartbreak for example) so yeah,, djjdjdjd hope that helps a bit

    Anonymous asked :I'm just...... I dont know. What am I supposed to say about this? asked :

    i mean–

    i would probably just look at him weirdly in the eyes and be like “you lil fucker” or,, as the stupid ass competitive person i am, i would walk up, slice a lemon in the middle and squeeze its juices right in my mouth right before him

    Anonymous asked :Ok so in the states we have these little bottles of straight, sour as fuck lime juice. I had a bottle opened next to me and my brother takes it and says 'I'm gonna drink it!' And I laughed and was like yeah ok. So he looks me in the eyes and drinks. The. Whole thing. asked :

    oh wow–

    now i would love to try it sjjdjd i love sour stuff and anything that’s lime/lemon flavoured so,, i would just end up adding much sugar or honey if it was too much for me to handle but damn djjdjd sounds very interesting

    as about your brother,, how was he afterwards? like, did he actually enjoy it or like went off to throw it up right away?

    my legs seem to be powerful enough (for them) uwu💖

    oh yes, that was this afternoon… at certain hour, they go crazy jaja… (their little claws actually hurts… ;-;) oh and how was your day? did something amazing happened? dying to know uwuwuwuwuwuwu❣

    i would let them hurt my legs because i go soft for them uwu hyjuyhf adorable lil devils ♡

    and my day was pretty fine; I went to a shop after my classes and got a ring and earrings for a cheap price and yeah uwu, quite happy about that