Message to tiergen.

    Message to as tumblr seems to have disabled my messages, certainly they are not working!

    No, I do not know any means of backing up your data to a phone. All the various backup options I have seen are for Windows computers.

    I do not know about tumblr's own backup / export. Open your accound details (top right, the "person" icon), scroll down and click on your blog name (under "Labs"), then scroll right to the bottom where you will find the backup / export bit. Unless it is a small blog, it might contain more data than you have room for on a phone. Also I wasted hours with that, and ended up with a folder that contained nothing. Others reported the same thing to me, though presumably it works for others.

    Personal Messages

    Now they seem to have deleted and disabled all my Messages, and it is not 17th December yet!

    Anyone wanting to contact me please go to

    and if you are not with bdsmlr yet, to register:

    I am not familiar with their messaging or “chat” system, but hopefully it works, though currently I do not think it is as good as the one on tumblr.

    I have had interesting conversations with a good number of people on tumblr, so thank you, and maybe see you again soon!


    You may have read posts some days ago about a plan to set up a very superior site for Tumblr refugees, one wreathed in mystery, but with updates of information promised. The planned updates of information appeared late, and finally fizzled out altogether. This information was on a tumblr blog set up for the purpose, but I have just checked back, and that blog no longer exists!

    At best this was a genuine person who really did think they could set up a superior replacement for tumblr, but have found that in reality they have been unable to do this. At worst it was a cynical scam from the beginning.

    Anyway, if you were waiting for that, forget it!

    Register with a tumblr-like site that is up and running now, bdsmlr. Not as feature rich as tumblr, yet, but it is up and running, and I am sure many improvements will be made later. They are committed to having adult (but legal) material, just what we need.   (To register)

    Direct link:

    Direct link:

    (Only starter blogs at the moment, but I will be working on it.)

    On a different tack, today I saw a report that YouTube has recently taken down millions of videos. The prudes really are winning! What we need is a new YouTube type site that is dedicated to hosting legal amateur adult material. There are already some possible adult amateur video hosts such as xHamster and Pornhub.

    Personal Messages to PMG

    I have just been looking through all those who have been kind enough to send me Messages over the last several years, over 100 of you I think. Thank you so much. Unfortunately I can see no method of backing these up.

    I was looking for the person who some time ago sent me a picture of something like a metal stop cock cover which had the letters PMG on it. I could not find you, but if you are reading this, please get back to me, and thanks, I am using that as my avitar on my new PMG on bdsmlr.

    I notice that quite a few have deactivated their tumblr blogs very recently. Don’t do tumblr’s dirty work for them! PMG will remain up and active until they take it down, and that may not happen until quite some time after 17th December, so I can still be contacted on here until that happens. 

    I am now here:


    For you to register on bdsmlr:

    BACKUP YOUR TUMBLR BLOG BY USING PYTHON! (Only for Windows computers)

    If you tried my earlier suggestion of backing up your blog using TumblThree, and it worked, then basically what you have got is all the photos and videos from your blog.
    What the Python Backup does is preserve each post as it appeared on the page, with all text, important to me as each post contained a photo and explanatory notes.

    (Having just used this to backup my two Tumblr blogs PMG and MGMG I notice that videos are only recorded as a still image, animated gifs are saved as moving images. If you used TumblThree your videos will be as videos on there.)

    Python is an operating system that you will need to download as the backup program only works with Python.

    Unless you are more expert than I am, you will go beyond your comfort zone into using Command Prompt etc. But I did manage it without too much trouble, and where I went wrong it was because I was not reading the instructions carefully enough, indeed I found that you need to read the instructions further ahead than where you are, where you will find what you are stuck on explained! Particularly with navigating from folder to folder in Command Prompt was my initial problem, only solved when I noticed that later he mentioned the need to type "cd", which is a command to "Change Directory"!

    Ready to give it a try? Go to:

    Here you will find the full instructions which you need to follow very very carefully, but if you do, you should succeed. After all, I did!

    They also offer an 8 minute video with instructions on YouTube:

    You may prefer one or the other, or a combination of both. For me it was definitely the text instructions.

    Once the backup has downloaded, you need to go to the folder with your blog's name on it, open it, find the file "index.html" and click on it to open it in your default browser, there you will find your blog displayed year by year, and within each year you will find blue links for each month, click on one and you will find your posts for that month.

    Good luck!  And I'll hope to see you on bdsmlr! Tumblr-like, far from perfect at the moment, but they are working on it when not having to constantly upgrade their servers to accommodate all the new refugees from Tumblr, give them a chance and they will get there I am sure, and I certainly do not know of anywhere better.

    To register on bdsmlr:

    Direct to PMG:

    Direct to MGMG:

    Both are being started again from scratch!

    Tumblr Hyprocracy!

    There they are, about to delete millions of prefectly responsible adult blogs, clearly labelled as such, so presumably reducing everything to what is suitable to show to a 5yo child, yet here they are recommending to me a blog called “accio-shitpost”! Double standards or what? 

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR TUMBLTHREE. Tumblr Backup using Windows computers only.

    Having mentioned this recently I was asked for detailed instructions by a community member who had not managed to get it to work.

    I am certainly no expert, but eventually fumbled my way to success. These were my suggested instructions that some others might also find helpful:

    First I suggest you put a new folder somewhere on your computer to where you want to download your blog backup. (It is important that you can find it!)

    Now, with the TumblThree program open, down bottom right open "Settings" (the cog button). Top line "Download location", browse to the backup folder you have just installed. I do not think you need to alter anything else, click "Save". Close Settings.

    Back on the main page, bottom left, "Enter URL:" Type or paste the URL of your tumblr blog. Eg.    if your tumblr is called "xxxxx"!

    Click the next button along "Add blog".

    Click the line at the top of the page which has your blog name, blog URL etc., so that the whole line is highlighted end to end.

    Click the "Add to queue" button.

    Click the "Crawl" button and wait to see if anything is happening with regard to numbers changing etc. Hopefully there will be such changes, in which case the backup is under way, and after a while you will see a blue line advancing across the "Progress" bar. My experience is that the process seems to complete shortly before the progress bar reaches the end. When everything has been stopped for a while, assume that it is complete.

    Click on the "Show Files" button, and see what you have got! The main thing that will have been saved will be all the photos and videos, which you could later post elsewhere.

    If this does not work for you all I can suggest is that you play about with it along the lines I have suggested. It will only work on a computer with the Windows operating system.

    I hope to post something about another more complicated backup method, but not before I have found time to try it myself. I understand that this particular backup can be viewed in a browser to see the blog in its original form.



    Comment on this post what you bdsmlr username is so we can mass follow everyone!


    GREAT idea!  I’ve been doing the “find and follow” thing as I see people post their bdsmlr usernames, but it’s been willy-nilly and I’ve missed a bunch of people. And when you’re on bdsmlr, the watchword is: be active! Post, reblog, like. If people see activity with your username (on the Liked list on a post from a blogger you’re already following, for example), they can hover over you in the Notes and press Follow. As of now, looks like 906 of you have found my blog, and I’ve found 350 of y’all. This weekend I’ll try to put in some work to find the rest of you and follow back. A community is a hard thing to kill. :)


    I will miss all the bloggers that has been a part of my tumbler life. I can’t believe it, but 2000 people are following my two blogs! I hope that I will find many of you on bdsmlr. You will find me at


    A good idea mason247365, thank you.

    The way our community is being torn apart and dissipated is tragic. "Dissipated" because we are moving from one host to a number of different hosts. No doubt some will decide that they have had enough and will not resume elsewhere. At tumblr the prudes have won!

    I hope a good number will move to bdsmlr which is a very tumblr-like site, it needs quite a lot of improving yet, but the Admin are working on it as hard as they can, with daily announcements of what they have been doing.   (and to register.)

    When I note the number of followers on tumblr for my two blogs I find it truly humbling: PMG = 60,393 and MGMG = 17,640, (latest figures). Each and every one is valued, thank you. If you are unable to come to bdsmlr, then I wish you all the best for the future.

    My two blogs on bdsmlr are just startups at the moment, I am not sure if it will be possible to import the whole blogs from tumblr (something that bdsmlr Admin are currently working on) or if I will simply rebuild from scratch, using material in backups etc. I hope to see you there.

    Direct link:

    Direct link:


    As mentioned recently I made a backup of my Tumblr blog PMG to my computer, or thought I had. I had a Zip folder that insisted that it contained just under 8GB of data. Luckily I checked yesterday, and while still claiming to be 8GB, the folder was in fact empty, there was nothing inside it at all!

    I had used the backup facility available on Tumblr itself. Perhaps I was just unlucky, but something had definitely gone wrong. Lucky that I checked before it was too late.

    Then I discovered TumblThree, a program for dowloading or backingup Tumblr blogs to your computer (Windows). I tried it, and it works. I now have PMG and MGMG backups safely on my computer, each contains a number of text files, but most importantly, all the photos and videos. It took me a while to get TumblThree to work, initially I seemed to be faced with a number of buttons that did nothing, but you need to enter things correctly and do things in the correct order, then the buttons do work!

    Details of TumblThree can be found:

    The OP's page:

    I downloaded TumblThree from Softpedia:

    I have migrated to a FREE very Tumblr-like host bdsmlr, it is not perfect yet, but the Admin are working hard to set up and improve things. Currently they are trying to develop a tool to allow us to import our blogs from Tumblr before it is too late.

    To register on bdsmlr:

    Direct links to my two blogs, currently in very basic form:

    Hope to see you there!



    Developments continue! Since my recent ADULT OR "EXPLICIT" TUMBLR BLOGS post I am grateful to all those who by Personal Messages or "Replies" have taken the trouble to inform me of various possible hosts for PMG. The most familiar ones are very like Tumblr, I think using the same basic open source software. Others to me seem less familiar and more complicated, and one is currently in Beta and not open to everyone yet.

    I hope I did not miss anyone kind enough to send a "Reply", but the problem with them is that they are only visible on the dashboard and can easily fall off the end before they are seen.

    The problem with there being a number of possible hosts is that the community is being split, but choice is important.

    Anyway I have had to make a decision, and have selected a FREE tumblr-like site for PMG, currently it is not so smooth or feature rich as Tumblr, but give them a chance, they are working on it! I am with bdsmlr:

    My main personal objection when registering on bdsmlr was being forced to "Follow" 4 of their selected blogs in ONE category, such as "Extreme", before the process would continue. Not too much of a problem really as they can be unfollowed later if so wished.

    A basic Pussy Mods Galore blog can now be found by this direct link:

    I am not sure whether to redevelop PMG from scratch, or try to import the whole of my Tumblr PMG into bdsmlr. I have backed up PMG, the whole 8GB of it, but I have not tried to open the file so I do not really know what is there, but I understand that images and related text are.

    For anyone interested in my other blog Male Genital Mods Galore, this is a direct link to a new basic version on bdsmlr:

    (Both work, but when I tried the latter on Chrome it came up with "Oops - something went wrong there!" without any further explanation or suggested solution. If so, try another browser.)

    I hope a good number of us can get together again, why not try bdsmlr?

    I have seen this Newsweek report on "WHY IS TUMBLR BANNING ADULT CONTENT? ". It seems that the rot probably started when Tumblr was taken over by Yahoo in 2013.

    The blog host PillowFort mentioned in this report is in Beta development and not open to all yet.



    Most of you will have seen this notice: "On December 17, 2018, our Community Guidelines will change and adult content will no longer be allowed on Tumblr.". Anyone who does not visit their blog until after then could be in for a surprise!

    Because of recent developments I am not surprised by this, but it will be a sad day indeed. The prudes are winning! And in my opinion the prudes are advertisers. As other recent announcements have revealed, Tumblr has joined with new partners and is wanting to put adverts on blogs, or at least target bloggers with adverts. The majority of such advertisers will not want to be associated with adult blogs. So we have to go! Money rules again!

    Since the above announcement I have had a number of kind people contact me to ask what I am going to do about PMG. At the moment, I am not sure! Recently I took the precaution of making a backup of PMG.

    According to Wikipedia  "Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website". So what we need to find is another microblogging and social networking website that allows adult content. My expertise in such matters is very basic, so if any of you have any recommendations I would be most grateful. I have done a little bit of research, and most of what I have seen I do not like, currently I have just one in mind, but I do not know if reblogging and messaging works the same way as on Tumblr, because that is what we need, along with the ability to have "followers".. One thing is certain, the one I have in mind ( - not the Russian arm!) is not free to host a blog such as PMG, though I think it might be possible to join for free with fewer abilities. I have put in a Support Request with a number of questions, so, depending on their answers, this may be a possible host for PMG.

    As things develop (or don't!), I will make a few announcements on PMG, so whether you are a "Follower" or visitor to PMG you might want to keep a watch out for these.

    For a long time I have been planning to set up a "vanilla" Safe For Work blog on Tumblr, landscapes and other things that attract my attention, but nothing "adult". I must do that soon. If any of you cared to do similar, it could be a means of keeping in touch by Personal Messages. (I have been amused on occasions in the past when I have followed up someone who has "Liked" a number of posts on PMG only to find that their blog was exclusively about their family and children!)

    Tumblr has said that it will take time for them to do their dastardly deed. Wikipedia says "As of December 4, 2018, Tumblr hosts over 449.4 million blogs" and from information posted elsewhere I guess that possibly about 90 million could be "adult". However, whenever the axe falls, for any who have not made other arrangements it will be the end of the road.



    After my latest post I have received a message from ztoymaker who says "That butterfly board is easy to make. You tell me what your measurements are and I'll get it done. It would be made on pine wood."

    If you would like to have one made, then ztoymaker gives his email in this form: ztoymaker at g mail ( for anyone not familiar with the end part, it is , and you should be able to work out the rest.  )  Who knows, he might also be able to make other wooden BDSM / CBT devices or sex toys. If wondering, you could ask!

    Of course carriage costs would depend on where you are in relation to him, and I do not know either of those.

    A post that will not appear on PMG!

    I hope this is not the start of a trend, or posts on PMG will grind to a halt! I have just wasted time, it seems, preparing notes to go with a video that I found on Tumblr, only to find that there was no way to post it with my notes and remove earlier irrelevant comments.

    I have a long history of giving credit where it is due, often adding credits that have been removed by others, also a history of quoting relevant and interesting / informative comments made by earlier rebloggers, but I do expect to be able to remove irrelevant, even stupid stuff!



    She has a VCH piercing, and a very recently done Christina piercing, each with a barbell inserted.

    The Original Poster says: "Bloody from when I first got my Christina pierced".

    pussymodsgalore   PMG   Christina   Christina piercing   surface piercing  clit hood mod   clit hood piercing   VCH     VCH piercing    Vertical Clit Hood piercing

    THIS PLOY COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE! Read about it before you need it!


    If you are faced with domestic violence of any sort, however the situation came about, and the threat is still present, phone the Police Emergency number for your area, and carry on as if you are ordering a takeaway meal, they will quickly pick up on the situation (they are trained to do that), and ask you questions that you can answer in code, so that they can send the Police to your address.

    To see the full Original Post look HERE. The comments from rebloggers are also instructive and well worth reading.

    pussymodsgalore   PMG   information    info    violence   rape   domestic violence     Police

    Here’s a blog!

    This “Here’s a blog” nonsense is getting out of control and it is time it was stopped! I had to get rid of five of them before I could find my latest post on my dashboard, none of them of the slightest interest to me or relevance to my blog! 



    A BDSM scene in which a girl is made to ride a Sybian until she has cum repeatedly. 

    The Original Poster says:

    “'I can’t cum again!'

    These are probably among My favorite words.

    I take them as a personal challenge and delight in proving you wrong.

    It isn’t going to stop simply because you’ve never gone further,

    nor will it stop because you are telling your body that you’re done.

    This is the point at which I show you that your body is truly Mine.

    This is where your body obeys Me, not because you tell it to,

    but because I have taken control of it from you.

    Say you can’t cum all you want, beg for it to stop, tell Me you’re too sensitive.

    It doesn’t matter, you’ll cum again, and again, as long as I want you to".

    pussymodsgalore   PMG     Sybian    Sybian vibrating masturbation machine     BDSM    orgasm    orgasming     cum   cumming    forced  repeated    multiple    forced orgasm   multiple orgasms   forced cumming   repeated orgasms    repeated cumming     multiple cums

    Nailed by Dommes!


    This girl has had her stretched inner labia pulled through a slot in a board and then nailed to the board as part of a pain and torture BDSM scene.

    A search for the two names "Lady Deena Luxe and Lady Mina Luxe" now brings up nothing, but at the time I presume they were operating as a couple of Dommes.

    To those who who naturally ask "Why?" I would mention briefly that for those into such activities, in a correctly managed scene the pain voluntarily submitted to by the sub (submissive) can become indistinguishable from ecstasy, and the sub can enter into a condition known as "sub space" which can be very intense indeed and which requires correct management and aftercare on the part of the Dom (Dominant). Not to be attempted by those who are untrained. The above example is more extreme than most BDSM scenes.

    For those interested there will be more information among some earlier BDSM posts on PMG.

    The above two photos were a part of a larger photoset that I found HERE, not the Original Poster.  

    pussymodsgalore   PMG    BDSM    pain   torture   ecstasy    Dom   Domme   Dominant   sub   submissive    sub space  nails   nailed     nailing    labia   inner labia    stretched inner labia   nailed inner labia   temporary piercing