Does woman like men to wear women's panties

Um-wtf? But. OK. You took the time to ask so I will answer.Short answer~ If by ‘woman’ you are referring to me, then the answer is: I like my man to wear whatever the fuck he likes. Longer answer~ BUT if it is your thing to wear women’s panties, to feel like a woman or act like a woman or to sniff them or to make you feel comfortable, or sexy, or kinky, or whatever, then blog about it, explore it, celebrate it. Honest answer~ But dude, don’t ask shit like this anonymously, it just makes it all a bit creepy and it should not be. It’s an extremely popular fetish and your community is out there dude. I support all colours on the spectrum - If it is your thing to get off on men in women’s underwear GO FOR IT! Go forth and follow transvestite, cross dresser and undies-fetish blogs, love it!  But don’t bother someone who has never ever mentioned any inclination towards it in nearly 600 posts. There are much better ways to get off round here. FIND YOUR CIRCLE and don’t be odd in my inbox, that’s all I am trying to say!

A word about being anonymous~ (If you had been brave enough to use your name instead of being anon I could have given you this advice in private, but since you didn’t I have to post it for a while, hopeful that you will read it.)