18+ only blog I'm a 26 yr old bisexual Latina, who's obsessed with pussy and fat asses. Everyone is welcome to my blog. I'm only interested in talking to girls.

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2021-11-17 05:50:46

    This is a reminder:

    My blog is +18 and I post NSFW content. I will have to block and report your blog if you are a minor and follow me. I don't do that to be mean. I want to protect you from the bad people that will take advantage of you. Please I'm begging you DO NOT follow me if you aren't +18. DO NOT follow me if you believe minors should be allowed in kink. DO NOT follow me if you believe in any kind of pedophilia. DO NOT put these babies in harms way. It is my RESPONSIBILITY as an adult and content creator to make sure my community is safe. I will always protect everyone that I can. You need to learn to protect your people as well. These are children learn to protect them.