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    Sandy had the hots for his new step-father, Drew, the very first time he saw him.  But the dude seemed totally straight and Sandy’s mother hovered around him like a protective angel, making sure that Sandy never got to spend any alone time with him.  After all, she knew full-well what a cock-whore her son was.  It wouldn’t be the first husband he’d seduced and this time she just didn’t want to have to share her husband’s cock with her son’s ravenous boypussy.   But Sandy bided his time, confident that, eventually, he’d get his chance to put the moves on his new step-dad.

    And, sure enough, just four months into their marriage, the golden opportunity Sandy had been waiting for presented itself.  His mom and step-dad had come home from a party, both obviously drunk and arguing up a storm, Sandy’s mom certain that Drew had been putting the moves on her best friend, Drew equally adamant that the bitch had been the one coming on to him.  Sandy wasn’t surprised by the amount of vitriol that poured out of his mother.  She was a damned good-looking woman, but she had the tongue of an adder, which pretty much explained why she was on her fifth husband.  The upshot of the argument left Drew on the couch and his mother steaming in the bedroom.  She was still pissed off when she stormed out of the house early the next morning, headed God knows where.  Sandy, who’d been waiting for just this moment, was out of his room like a shot the second he heard the front door slam.

    Silently he crept into the living room where his step-dad was spread out on the couch in all his masculine glory, apparently still a little hung-over from the previous night’s adventures.  Sandy carefully pealed back the thin sheet covering his step-dad’s lower body and leaned forward, engulfing the man’s semi-tumescent cock in his mouth in one fluid move.  

    “What the fuck, boy?  What the fuck?” Drew mumbled as he regained consciousness to discover his step-son sucking on his dick.  Sandy stopped in his ministrations and looked up at his step-dad, keeping the man’s cock well within his mouth.  The man looked at him for a long moment, before slowly shaking his head in a mixture of disdain and amusement.  “Your mother warned me about you, boy,” he finally said.  “She said you were a real faggot slut.  Guess she was right.”  He paused for a couple seconds, still looking Sandy straight in the eyes and then continued, “Well, what are you waiting for faggot?  Finish what you started.  You’re not the first faggot I’ve had go down on me, so I expect you to do a bang-up job sucking on my big dick.  Now get to it.”

    Grinning wolfishly, as much as he could with his step-dad’s big cock in his mouth, Sandy bent to the task.  He was a damned good cocksucker and he knew it, but for Sandy sucking dick was merely the appetizer for the main course - getting his well-used boy-ass stuffed with hot, hard Man-meat.  He got Drew to cum in his mouth in less than five minutes, but he wasn’t about to stop there.  He quickly stripped down, teased his step-dad’s cock back into an aching erection and then plopped his meaty ass right down on the man’s throbbing cuntbuster.

    “Holy fuck, boy,” his step-father exclaimed, as his turgid pussy-reamer was engulfed by his step-son’s grasping boytwat, “you really are one horny, little faggot, aren’t you?”

    Sandy didn’t bother replying, he just frantically pounded his college-boy hole up and down Drew’s big fuck-stick, figuring that actions spoke louder than words.  It wasn’t long, though, before his step-father took charge and forced Sandy down under him, pounding into his step-son’s steamy hole with a force that surprised even him.  “Jesus Christ, boy,” he muttered, “you’ve got an incredible cunt between those legs of yours.”

    “That’s what all my step-dads have said,” Sandy panted in reply, a knowing smile playing across his face.

    Drew paused for a second and looked down at the boy.  “All of them?” he asked.

    “Every single one,” Sandy replied with a smirk.  “Every one of my mother’s husbands has fucked me - except for my own father.  But then, I never really knew him, so that probably doesn’t count.”

    “You really are a whore, boy, aren’t you?” Drew remarked with the same mixture of derision and amusement he’d expressed before.

    “Oh, I’m definitely willing to be your whore….Daddy,” he added with a salacious leer.  “I’m definitely willing to be your whore.”

    “I bet you are, boy,” Sandy’s new step-dad replied, his totally engulfed cock tingling with pleasure as it resumed pummeling away at the hot boy-hole it was impaling.  “I just bet you are.”   With his eyes now glinting in unalloyed lust, Drew continued, “Show me, boy.  Show me, you faggot cum-slut.  Show me just how much you want to be my whore.”

    “Oh, yes, Daddy.  Oh, yes, Daddy,” Sandy moaned, as he began thrusting his ass upwards to meet every descending stroke as his step-dad began frantically pounding the shit out of his hole.  “Fuck me, Daddy.  Fuck me,  Harder.  Harder.  Fuck me harder, Daddy.  Make it hurt.  Make it really hurt.  Give it to me, Daddy.  Make me your whore, your faggot fuck-bitch.  Fuck me.  Fuck me, Daddy.  Stick it to me.  Deeper, Daddy.  Deeper.”

    “Take it, boy,” Drew panted out as he neared his climax, the sweat from his exertions cascading down his torso.  “Take it, you fucking faggot whore.  Take my fucking Man-dick up your boycunt like the faggot cum-slut you really are.  Oh, God…..Oh, God….Oh, Yeah.  I’m gonna cum….I’m gonna cum…I gonna shoot my load up your faggot cunt, boy…Oh, yeah.  Oh, yeah.  Oh, fucking Christ, YEAHHHH!!!”

    “That’s it, Daddy,” Sandy was moaning underneath his step-dad at the same time.  “That’s it, Daddy.  Give it to me.  Give it to me.  Cream my fucking faggot boycunt.  Fill it with your hot Man-seed.  Make me your whore, Daddy.  Make me your cum-loving faggot-slut whore.  Oh, yeah, Daddy.  Oh, fuck YEAH!!!”

    Moments later, sated and drained, Drew collapsed on top of his step-son.  The two lay quiescently against each other, their mutual sweat mixing with the massive cum shot Sandy had shot all over himself, Drew’s spent Man-cock still buried balls-deep up his step-son’s now leaking fuck-hole.  Finally, Drew stirred.

    Propping himself up on his elbows, the man looked down at the boy under him.  “That was fucking incredible, boy.  That was simply incredible.  You’re a better fuck than your mother.  You’re just about the best fuck I’ve ever had in my life.”

    “That’s what all my step-dads have said,” Sandy replied, smirking again.  

    Drew stared down at his step-son, shaking his head in amusement.  But now, the derision was gone.  “You know, son,” he said softly, putting a noticeable emphasis on the last word as he slowly began to work his re-hardening cock in and out of the boy’s now sticky hole, “I think you and me are gonna be real close.  Real close.”  And then, before Sandy could say anything he added, “And I know - that’s what all your step-dads have said.”

    “Well, it’s true,” Sandy replied with a smile, as he spread his legs further apart to let his step-dad get deeper into his hungry boycunt.  “It’s true.”

    “I bet it is, boy,” Drew laughed.  “I bet it is.”