a while ago i attended this lecture on autism. guy in the audience said he had many of the symptoms that were presented and asked what should he do to get treatment and possibly a diagnosis. instead of answering his question the psychologist went on a tangent about how “the clinic reigns all powerful over guesswork”, and how actually it has become a trend amongst little children on the internet to claim that they are autistic for cool points, and that this hurts real autistic people. no she didn’t tell him how to get his symptoms looked into, she just made it very clear that to her, aknowledging your own symptoms is bad and evil and hurts the poor real mentally ill people.

    an ex-friend of mine, then a psychology major and by now probably a full psychologist, once lectured me on how horrible and bad it was that i told her “i probably have some sort of neurodivergency”, and that if i were her patient she would never give me a diagnosis because “you aren’t like this now, but i know that if you get a diagnosis you’ll use it as an excuse to start treating people badly. that’s just how mentally ill people are.”

    same ex-friend was extremely disgusted when she found out that fans sometimes make neurodivergency headcanons for characters that have the same symptoms as they do, and that authors sometimes write books with neurodivergent protagonists in stories that don’t focus on that (ex: she seemed horrified that percy jackson has adhd?)

    multiple psychologists i’ve seen on facebook agree that they should refuse to treat patients that say “i’m here because i have symptoms of a disorder and wonder if i have it”, and that a patient should arrive to a psychologist as a blank slate.

    school psychologist asked me how i was feeling about my trauma situation and i told him i thought my friends would leave me. instead of addressing the issue he said that that no i didn’t, that i was lying, that i had searched “bpd symptoms” online and now i was faking symptoms because i wanted to have bpd, that he shouldn’t have told me he suspected i had a personality disorder because now look what was happening. no, i didn’t search bpd symptoms online. yes, my friends left me, it was a completely founded belief and not a symptom, let alone a faked symptom.

    so the next time you hear someone saying they’re “anti self-diagnosis” i want you to understand what they’re saying. what they’re saying is:

    - i don’t want people to be aware of their own symptoms

    - i don’t think my patients should have access to any information that doesn’t come from me

    - i don’t think neurodivergent people should learn how to cope with their symptoms and live “normal” lives

    - i think neurodivergent people should be denied a diagnosis because the moment they get one they will become evil and dangerous

    - i don’t think people who don’t look like a stereotype could possibly be neurodivergent, even if they have all the symptoms, so i think they are faking it for attention and should be denied treatment


    they’re saying only neurotypicals deserve to have decent medical treatment


    You can’t deserve a person’s love. You’ll drive yourself crazy thinking like that. They either love you, or they don’t. That doesn’t mean you weren’t good enough for them to love you, because love isn’t something you earn by being good enough. It isn’t something that can be quantified or doled out. Don’t blame yourself for not being loved how you need to, just teach yourself how to look for love where love lives.


    This isn’t just about romantic love, or even skewed towards romantic love, although it does apply there too. One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to accept is that my mother simply wasn’t someone who was capable of loving me, and there is no version of me that I could have ever been that would have earned that love. But with acceptance came healing. I was able to love myself more instead of resenting myself for not being more than any one person could be.


    Are you listening? Even love for yourself isn’t earned. It is a kindness you give yourself.


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    unfriendly reminder: in Pokemon Gen 1, you had to open your pause menu, then the pokemon menu, then the pokemon options sub-menu before you could use an HM. you couldn’t just walk up to a tree and press a to cut it. you had to select an option in your pause menu that was in a sub-sub menu. 


    not to be impolite, but hell no the fuck we didn’t 


    the least realistic thing about star trek is that starfleet uniforms don’t have pockets and nobody complains about it


    My instinct is to agree with this, but like, when I really think about it…

    No money, no credit cards, identification is all vocal/fingerprints/retinal, so no wallet.

    Again, doors are voice activated, or just unlocked by entering a code.  No keys.  

    Communication devices are tiny and stick onto clothing starting in Next Gen.  TOS had bulkier communication that they carried around or kept in, like, packs and stuff, so the arguments for pockets is a little more valid, and if I remember correctly, those costumes did have pockets, tho I could be wrong about that.  But anything post TNG, the point is moot anyway.

    Tricorders and phasers are really the only thing anyone’s carrying around, and that’s usually on away missions where they’d be bring their packs/holsters or just have them out.  I mean, who wants to stick a phaser in their pocket?  

    So, yeah.  There’s not much little stuff people need to carry around everywhere.  And if they are preparing for a longer journey or want to bring bulkier things, well…just bring a bag.  It fits more anyway.    


    what if i find a cool rock and want to take it home with me


    Every time a member of the USS Enterprise has found a cool rock and taken it home, it has resulted in eleven deaths, six temporal displacements, the holodecks breaking again, and somebody getting turned into a lizard. Pockets are a privilege, not a right.


    I’ve gotten more notes on this comment than anything else I’ve ever posted, but this is the best addition to it I’ve ever seen. Thank you.


    I’m sure it’s in the notes many many times, but, this was in purpose. Gene literally had a no pockets rule because of no money in the future. It annoyed the actors greatly. 😂


    guys have you read this manga

    (sorry for bad quality)

    if not what are you even doing

    its called My Son is Probably Gay” (alternative titles include Uchi no Musuko wa Tabun Gei, うち息子はたぶんゲイ)

    it’s abt the relationship between a mom and her son who tries his hardest of not being the adorable obvious fool he is having crushes on boys


  • absolutely adorable style (especially the mom omg just look at her)
  • very new manga, started in Sep 2019 I think? a lot of room for updates in the future!
  • a mother being so absolutely loving of his son she appreciates everything he tells her and instead of growing up in society’s mold of what a “man” is, she wants him to express himself and embrace everything he holds dear to his heart
  • ohngmy god she is who i aspire to b e
  • here are two snippets of the series!!

    please support the artist (Okura)!!


    here’s a link for the folks who have been asking! i suggest you just read it and avoid the comments altogether

    (hopefully it works, im on mobile!!)

    this scanlation was done by pomnavi, so also consider tossing a few bucks to them so they can afford doing the stellar stuff they do!

    I tried using the pixiv link in the picture above, but unfortunately it didn’t work and navigating on the site is hard with no Japanese language skills. if anyone could help out, i’d like to also post the pixiv link!!


    I just found out that Vol 2. will be released!!

    hell yeah!! yall who can please go support him!!


    ps. here’s a third snippet!

    man theyre so cute


    i (op) updated this post of mine! go read it and buy it and give the mangaka a lots of love in which however way you can!!