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    on daddy’s dime

    Early in our relationship, I wasn’t comfortable with him spending money on me. He has a great job that pays him well, but I didn’t want him to think that I was gold-digging, or that I expected him to buy me things or pay for all our dates. I felt that if he was going to spend money on me, it had to come from a place of desire and love, not obligation or the idea that the man has to pay for everything. We were too new to be falling into those roles.

    So, for the first year or so, he only paid for the occasional fancy date and birthday or Valentine’s Day gift. He offered to pay for other things–an uber ride, a new dress for a party, a manicure—because he didn’t want me cringing every time I swiped my debit card for something I didn’t absolutely need. Even though he offered out of love, I still said no. 

    Now, nearly two years into the relationship, things are changing. I’m not resisting as much. We’re deeper into the dynamic and have figured out that we like traditional gender roles. When we’re together, he often doesn’t let me pay for a single thing, no matter how cheap. He loves it. He loves providing and practicing traditional masculinity in that way, and we’re very fortunate that it’s an option for us.

    But it’s still not 100% easy for me to surrender to this. I still often ask, “Are you sure you don’t want to split the bill?” I’m constantly letting him know that if he wants me to share the cost of something, I’m completely willing (though he’ll then wisely ask me how much I have in checking). I think I just worry that he’ll overdo it (I need to work on trusting that he’s financially responsible, which he is), or that he’ll think I’m unappreciative if I don’t at least offer to share the cost of something. 

    The other thing is, I really value my financial independence. I don’t ever want to not have an income of my own, even once we’re married with a kid and two cats and I don’t have an office job anymore. I want to be doing something, always, that brings in a little money. For me. For us. So I don’t know if I’ll ever be completely comfortable with the idea of him being the sole breadwinner, as traditional as that would be. He wouldn’t mind it, but I’d struggle with it. 

    That said, rather than fretting about his spending money on me, I am learning to submit to it while being grateful for it. Since it’s not an expectation and he does it because he wants to and can afford to, it always makes me feel loved and cared for, secure and protected. He recently paid for me to get a massage after an extremely hellish workweek, and it left me feeling pretty smitten. 

    We talk a lot about how I’ll be a “kept woman” one day. One day I’ll get my hair done how he likes it, nails painted the color he wants, pussy waxed to his preference— and it’ll all be on daddy’s dime. He’ll either be there to pay for it himself, or I’ll be using his card. This has always appealed to me because of how old-school it is. I’m an old-fashioned girl at my core.

    At my core, I long to be an obedient housewife. I long to be the kind of woman who let’s her man provide without worrying about it. And when it comes to my own money, I want to defer to his judgment and seek his permission when it comes to managing and spending it.

    That, I think, would be the perfect middle ground.