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    Real gangbang - Anonymous submission

    Post this anonymously

    I actually asked for a friend to make this happen. I’m in college and there was this huge party, going on for about 30 hours total. I was going to be the party whore. Anyone who didn’t have a girlfriend, or had one and they didn’t care, or they just wanted to fuck anyway, got a turn (well several probably).

    First I was taken to the party site and introduced to the three hosts by my friend who was a good friend of theirs. They had the ropes, and soft cuffs ready, but wanted to see me naked first, and fuck me. I let the three of them fuck me and tried to clean up but they said no. I looked as one guy took a wide tipped permanent marker and printed PARTY FUCK TOY on my belly. One word to a line, from the bottom of my tits to the my waist. On top of my tits they wrote Free Fucks and Sucks.

    Then they tied my hands to the bed posts, and tied my ankles back to my thighs, the spread my thighs with more rope so I was wide open. They set up directions and left markers, each guy as they fucked me or made me suck them put a hashmark on my body. They were good enough to retie my legs about 8 times during the party which went from Friday night into early Sunday morning. At no time was I offered anything to eat or drink, nor was I allowed (though I begged for it) to clean myself up. Soon the bed was soaked with sperm, people were humiliating me, one woman was calling me all kinds of names while her husband fucked me, and she brought in some college girls to humiliate me. They all left but one, and she mounted my face. I think she was the same one that came back 3 more times, but I can’t be sure. I; who have never licked another girl, licked pussy three times, and had to suck their (or her) tits. I have no idea if I sucked 1,2,3 or 4 pussies and tits.

    At the end I was begging to be untied, I was crying while getting fucked or sucking. My jaws were very tired, and my pussy was so red, it really hurt to get fucked. There was cum all over the bed so to fix it, halfway through they got me up and changed the sheets, it was just flooding from inside me down my thighs, yet they wouldn’t let me clean myself up. Whatever rolled out of me, rolled down my legs and I was strapped back to the bed for anyone’s use.

    At the end I had 24 hashmarks in red which meant guys who fucked my mouth and blew their sperm there. I had 56 hashmarks in black which meant that was how many times I got fucked. I have no idea how many different cocks, just that 56 marked down that they had fucked me and cum inside me. There were all kinds of other notes that some guys wrote on me too. That girl who straddled my face (or one of them) wrote Pussy Eater, on my forehead. At the end, I couldn’t move too well, my friend took me home and one of the hosts carried me to the car and my friend carried me into my apartment, I know some of my neighbors saw the writing on me. I couldn’t walk, and couldn’t get dressed, so I was just holding a sheet around me. It fell open when I got into my place. “I didn’t get a turn” my friend said. I asked if he could give me a few days or even offered him my asshole, but he said no. As he laid me in my bed he spread that sheet wrapping me and mounted me. I couldn’t even feel it, just felt the bruising of his pelvis against my pussy lips every time he hit home. I was so loose and lubed that it took him over 30 minutes to cum. After I could move, I took a shower, cleaned the rest of the sperm from inside me and even through my hair I can see that my pussy lips are very bruised. They are actually bruised blue on the outside, and I’m so tender and red on the inside. My vagina is gaping open about 1 and ½ inches I can’t tighten it at this time.

    I asked for it I know. I don’t want to get fucked again, I wish I knew how long this hurting will last, and if I’ll ever be able to tighten up for guys again. I hope I’m not this loose forever.


    Great story if true what a lucky girl. I can only dream to some day have this.


    Reasons why a gloryhole on a one way mirror is the best idea

    • men can see and objectify me while I have no idea who they are or what they look like

    • there’s a mirror so I can always make sure I’m displaying my body in the most desirable positions

    • men can watch as I play with myself and even tell me what they want me to do for them

    • men could visually see how much cum I have all over my body and face

    • multiple people could be on the other side watching me get my throat and pussy fucked through a wall and I’d have no way to know

    • i could very well be sucking the cock of someone that knows me and recognizes me and I’d never have any way of finding out


    🤯🤯🤯 This is the greatest idea! This chick is on to something!


    Thats brilliant


    This is so fucking smart!


    A fuck toys wet dream

    We went on a sexually open retreat to a resort far away. At first I thought it was just for nudists but I soon realized it was much more…

    We took our bags to our suite and changed into our bathing suits. Barefoot we ran to the outdoor pool area, lifeguards were seated above watching swimmers and servers were running about delivering drinks to guests. It was easily 80 degrees out so we hopped in the cool water. I was too distracted by the suns warmth to notice the sexual scene around me but you quickly pointed out a handful of nude women. One stood out to me, she was sunbathing nude on a lounge chair and there was metal in her. It looked like she had a speculum in her cunt. It was held in by a metal chain that wrapped around her waist. But the part that really got my attention was the piece connecting the speculum to the chain, it was pressed tight against her skin and pulled her clit hood up so any slight sensation would stimulate her. Even with all the people around, I was certain that I could touch myself without anyone noticing. Behind your back I rubbed my clit for an aggressive moment, it was fast but I managed to cum undetected. Or so I thought.

    A female lifeguard blew her whistle and pointed at me. A group of female staff surrounded me and asked me if I got off without permission. I knew I was caught so I immediately admitted to my mistake. You gave me a look of disapproval and nodded to the lifeguards. They quickly pulled me out of the pool and stripped me down, a restraint was put of my left wrist and the lifeguard, Katy, pulled me off into the hotel. She chastised me for touching myself as she attached the end of the restraint to a pole at the entrance of the resort. A group started to form around me, a mixture of hotel staff and guests. A new woman came from behind the front desk pushing a metal cart. She announced that since I couldn’t wait that she would make an example of me. You helped lay me down on my back as the woman in charge pulled things out of her cart. You didn’t say anything, you just held my hand and stoked my arm. The atmosphere was tense, I knew to not ask any questions. Two lifeguards opened my legs as I looked into your eyes. I didn’t see what it was but a large slippery toy was pushed deep into my cunt. The head women seemed overly pleased. “Oh you’ve been practicing, I see you can take much much more.”

    I started to panic but you stroked my hair and told me to make you proud. I knew I could take anything they were going to push inside me. Not because I was ready but because they were going to force me to take it. The lifeguards started to pull out the toys their boss expected me to take. I couldn’t believe my eyes, they were all way too big! There was a Doc Johnson’s Great American Challenge, a XL Bad Dragon Bruce shark cock, and a purple XL double ended dildo.

    A brunette lifeguard grabbed the double ended dildo and pushed one end straight into my ass. I arched my back and yelped, I tried to pull away but more hotel staff surrounded me and held me down. “You better calm down and take this. You should be happy that we’re warming you up for Bruce, otherwise you might just rip open.” They were right.

    The someone must have made an announcement because more people kept coming to watch me. Some left while others got on their knees for a better view. I knew I needed to make you proud so I started to ride the dildo. After a few humps the other end was pushed into my cunt. A lifeguard sat on my stomach facing the toy as she jackhammered it into me. There was no use in fighting so embraced the assault and watched the smile that consumed your face.

    The whole time another employee was talking to the crowd, letting them know that this is what happens when you are so desperate and pathetic that you cum without permission.

    A soft spoken lifeguard leaned down near my ear “Good girl, You’ve done well! Are you ready for your next badge?” She lightly grabbed my face while another employee grabbed the middle of the double ended dildo and ripped it out of me. Laying in my back, I instantly started shaking and cuming on the floor for everyone to see.

    The Great American Challenge was placed next to me. Two employees grabbed my ankles, pulled them over my head and secured them to the floor above my head. I was fully exposed. “We don’t expect you to take this quickly but you WILL take it… In both holes.” A male employee picked up the massive dildo and placed it at the entrance of my cunt. “He’s just keeping it in place, we’re going to let gravity do its job.” I could feel it slowly sliding into me. I don’t know how much time had past, some of the crowd had disbursed promising to come back later. Maybe it had been half an hour when I felt my lips cover the ridge of the head and pull it inside of me. “Good job baby!” You looked so proud of me

    The boss glanced over “You let go! Let her cunt hold it in place.”

    I felt it slide inside of me a couple more inches before it hit my cervix. It was in but I knew I couldn’t hold it long. My body wanted to push it out so badly. Guests and employees spoke with you casually while I sweat trying to not move a muscle. I was exhausted and couldn’t hold still any longer, my muscles gave out and I started to wobble. The massive dildo popped out but was caught by the boss before it hit the ground. “It’s good that you’re nice and tired. It should help speed this next bit up.”

    The Great American Challenge was sat upright and lubed. You helped me to my feet “Be a good girl for Daddy.” I was too tired to do anything but comply. Both of my hands were tied to a post in front of me. They were made level with the ground so I couldn’t use them at all. I straddled the toy. “Now sit! This is just to get things moving.” The boss casually said.

    My thighs gave out quickly and the large head started to expand my sphincter. Trembling and sweating, I couldn’t believe that my ass was starting to take this huge head. The manager noticed that a crowd had begun to gather again. “That’s enough for your ass. Help her off!”

    Employees picked me up and laid me back down on my back. You were stroking yourself “baby that’s so fucking hot.”

    “I can’t believe it. I took so much today.” I spoke too quickly.

    The head boss leaned down a bit “oh honey, we’re just getting to the main event.” She picked up the XL Bruce. “If any of you ladies are tempted to touch yourself without permission then I hope this display will make you think twice. When you are so desperate for satisfaction that you please yourself, we are forced to punish your greed.”

    A pit grew inside my stomach, there was no way I could take Bruce!

    “Don’t worry, you’re so stretched right now that it shouldn’t rip you open once it gets in. But I guess we’ll all find out soon won’t we”

    A male lifeguard picked Bruce up, I held my breathe and laid my head back as you held my hand.


    Disobeying means public punishment 😍


    Quiero hacerle esto a alguna buena perrita que sepa como tienen que ser las cosas en la vida de toda hembra. 


    The horse that: impales both her holes, takes her for a long ride and never tires or needs a rest. Being forced to ride this horse - would that be your fantasy or nightmare situation? “Like” if it would be your secret fantasy, “Reblog/Share” if you’d really like it to happen to you…


    Absolute fantasy 😍

    (Un)comfortably numb

    During a chat I just had, I recalled this one time when I used numbing cream on my fucktoy.

    She had been on denial for a few days. She actually had the privilege of one orgasm for every 12 hours she spent sucking my cock, which took about 8 to 10 days to fulfill, and made for some interesting begging on her part. I had been fucking her ass, which was my usual hole of choice. She wasn’t able to cum from it, so no risks there.

    However, that day I wanted to fuck her cunt, and I didn’t want her to cum. So, I put on a rubber glove, pour some numbing cream on my fingers, and rub it generously on her clit and labia. Then I proceeded to first finger-fuck and then fist-fuck her cunt. I started slowly, and then built up on speed and strength, as her nerves got number and number. Once she couldn’t feel a thing, I put a condom on (yeah, the price I had to pay), and fucked her to my heart’s content.

    I recall the exact moment her reality finally hit her. I was pounding away, and she burst into tears. At that moment, she was completely, utterly, genuinely, nothing more than a fuck toy. A hole. A piece of meat. Being used, servicing, serving a purpose, but completely unable to derive any physical pleasure from it.

    I was kind enough to let her chew on the used condom when I was done with her.