Last update
2021-06-24 13:12:14

    Yeah, your boy was here. He and I were talking when my boss came by for an update on my report. Alec didn't want me to get in trouble since I was supposed to be busy working on it, so he hid under my desk. Talk about a good friend, he was under there for a good twenty minutes. I didn't want him to get bored, so I unzipped and gave him something to play with. Little did I know that he was hungry instead. While I gave my update, I also provided a salty snack. When I finished, my boss was satisfied yet Alec wasn't. So after my boss went to his office, I gave Alec a second filling up that sweet ass. I just wanted to tell you, he's coming by again tomorrow. I'm not sorry, loser. It's just so much hotter when the boyfriend knows his man prefers me. Make sure you give him a big kiss tomorrow night. He'll be bull flavored! Lol.