Is it BAD of Me?

    Any of you that have read my previous post about the couples I currently see will remember that one of the couples are in their 40s and we met after their kids had gone off to college.  Hubby is infatuated with me and my large natural breasts.  He has a little of a pot belly and an average size cock at best.  His wife is his slave and has been their entire 20 something year marriage.  She is quite average looking and over weight.  About 40 or so pounds more than me with much smaller boobs.  (they are C cups)

    Pretty sure I mentioned in that post that one of the main reasons I see them was bending his straight wife to my will.  Making her suck my toes and lick my asshole even though I know she is NOT bi-sexual in the least.   She has told me she is still madly in love with her husband /Master and would be lost without him in her life.  As a true submissive she derives her pleasure from serving her Master and seeing him truly happy.  She has told me she finds watching her husband fuck me extremely hot.  She likes it WAY more than she thought she would.  But when it comes to serving me sexually her only pleasure comes from the “serving of another” or “giving pleasure to another” which is a milder turn on for her.  

    Hubby being wrapped around my little finger agreed that I could have control over his wife anytime I wanted to stop by.  He travels a good bit for work allowing time for me to be pampered by his wife.

    So over the last several months I have created a “MY Spa” which is their house anytime he is not home and I want to relax.  Being served by a slave is PURE pleasure.  It’s the simple pleasures of doing or getting things and not having to clean up afterwards.  So refreshing.  I visit “MY Spa” about twice a month in addition to seeing her hubby once or twice a month.

    “MY Spa” serves milkshakes, not fruit smoothies.  It’s so nice to get a fresh made milkshake and then enjoy it while she cleans the blender, puts away the ice cream, chocolate sauce  and cool whip.  Not having to keep those things in my fridge because she keeps them at MY Spa for me.

    Warm oil full body massages are wonderful as well.  She is not great at massages yet but is learning what I like and getting better at providing it.  I lay on my stomach for neck, shoulders, lower back, hamstrings and feet to be massaged.  That takes about an hour.  Then occasionally I tell her “Let’s make this one an ultimate"   The "Ultimate” massage ends with her well oiled fingers working my clit and pussy to orgasm.  And she is trained to know that if I lift my hips off of the table while she is fingering me, that she is to slide a pillow under my hips and then lick my asshole while her fingers continue to manipulate my greedy nether regions.  

    OMG,  a warm tongue licking my rosebud while a well oiled thumb rubs my clit and a couple or three fingers slide in and out of my warm wet pussy.  THAT, can make a VERY intense orgasm for me.  And to be honest about it, part of the turn on is knowing she is using both of her hands and her tongue on me all at the same time.  And knowing she will get nothing in return for her labor to get me off makes it even sweeter.

    After the massage comes a HOT shower to clean off.  Then I may use other services like her painting my toe nails or finger nails or shaving my pussy.

    To be honest every visit ends with her shaving my pussy.  Relaxing on her bed while she takes her time rubbing shaving cream on me.  The soft sensual movements of the razor.  Then the warm wet wash cloth to clean the left over shaving cream away.  That ALWAYS makes me horny.  And let’s face it, an orgasm or two on the massage table is just not enough to send a woman home with.  A Cuckcake deserves more!

    So after she cleans me and removes the towel from under me she returns to put her submissive mouth to work pleasuring me.  I like to enjoy a couple of orgasm from just her tongue.  Then I have her slide a few fingers in while her tongue concentrates on just my clit.  At this point I also like to put my feet on her back instead of the bed on either side of her.  Then if I want to buck my hips on her fingers she feels my enthusiasm pressing down on her back.

    Some visits when I REALLY need to get off her tongue just can’t flick fast enough.  So I have her get a vibrator at this point and use it on my clit while she fingers me.  My feet on her back, hips bucking violently as I orgasm HARD!   Then I collapse back down onto the bed.  She is so obedient.  Turning off the vibrator and waiting several long seconds before lowering her face to kiss my juicy pussy.  I call it “The icing of the Cake”.  (pun intended)  Because every Cuckcake deserves this treatment.   She slowly makes out with my hot wet mess of a pussy.  Kissing and slowly licking my outer lips and tracing the outline of my pussy with the occasional gentle suckle of my clit.  She will kiss my inner thighs and up to my lower belly.  It is quite loving honestly and makes me wonder if she is growing feelings for me.   (she has expressed that she has mixed emotions about making me orgasm so much harder than her husband does.  I told her that girls have secrets and she should keep that between us) 

    Some visits end at this point while other times I move to the den and lounge on the couch for a cup of coffee or two while she sucks my toes.  I text her hubby and tease him about his wife being a lesbian slut.   He is a harsh Master to her and often makes me put weighted nipple clamps on her while she serves me coffee and sucks my toes.  Once I had to tie jingle bells on the weighted clamps and video her doing jumping jacks.  He was travelling and wanted the video to masturbate with later that night.

    I never touch her sexually.  Unless you consider pulling, pinching and twisting her nipples when I straddle her face for clean up after hubby fucks me.  But never touch her on spa days.  Simply use her like a spa employee then leave.

    Is it BAD of me to use her like this?   Part of me thinks it is bad of me.  And the other part of me thinks it is HOT AS FUCK!  And EVEN HOTTER because the other part of me feels bad sometimes.


    I’m suddenly less thrilled about being invited to the pool party.


    What don’t you like have your a beach balls on display. Well you’ll definitely be even less thrilled about what comes next.


    I wish I had bigger tits so I could be strung up like this….someone will probably find something just as humiliating though


    In your case tie those floppy cunt lips apart for everyone to see.


    cuckquean pool time


    Pushing her cum out of her gaping asshole, down over her dripping cunt and straight into her best friends mouth


    Omg yummmm I always make sure Daddy’s cum doesn’t go to waste 🤤💕


    Its a good arrangement. He fucks any cunt He wants. But i always keep His cum.


    @quean-pig eating her husbands cum from my asshole