The Destroyer

So I guess you want to know who I am.
My name is Connor, I'm the Destroyer.
I was raised on the darkest of the dark worlds; Quor'Toth.
Indie Angel RP account.
Mun and Muse are 18+]

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    I reached 301 and I’ve only had this blog since October 20th. Holy shit balls guys. I like my new follow forever banner tbh. It’s very Lydia with the heart shapes! I wanna thank you guys for making these last few months, overall, a v positive experience. I mean I had like maybe 2 instances of anon hate but that’s two too many for my tastes. So without further ado here’s the list of people I will follow anywhere. Yes I restarted watching Gilmore Girls shut up. And all the love I have is very likely one-sided.

    Here’s where I talk about the people I fucking love okay?

    @lifebuiltonlies/ @progenyofangelus/ @manyandnonemuses: Shawna! You put up with a lot on my end. Because let’s face it I complain a lot and I have more shitty days than good days. And I change fc’s a lot I’m sorry about that but you are a total sweetheart and I’m sorry if I ever make you (or anyone else) uncomfortable! You’re the closest thing I’ve ever had to an actual best friend so I’m kinda bad at best friending. Or having friends who actually care.

    @notsoheavynly/ @quortothlady: Heavyn, I am very glad that we know each other even though we rarely talk ooc. Lydia absolutely adores Alex and Beck. I would love it if we talked more ooc but sometimes I crash super early and you’re busy. We don’t have meshing schedules tbh.

    @guiltysarcasm: You. Isa. I freaking adore you okay? You were the first person that I honestly felt like just wanted Lydia and Stiles to have this sibling relationship. Which our muses have. I adore you so much and I’m glad to have met you!

    @overallsandcrayons/ @forcesensitivescavenger: Colton, I’m very glad that you took over my status as the alpha Willow. Because her muse isn’t coming back anytime soon. You’re very sweet ooc and I enjoy our conversations a lot. I just love talking to you

    @lovesbxtch/ @zombiewankenobe: Kate! I missed you when you vanished. And I’m very glad I invested my time into threading with you when you started rping. I’m your Yoda in a way. But seriously though, you were like one of the first people to rp with me on Willow and I love you for it.

    @buffyannesxmmers/ @mcrajade/ @whiskeyiisms /other blog I forgot: Rachel, when I had a Willow muse you were my go to Buffy even though you had your own little clique. I was very happy that I found someone that understands her muses as well as you do.

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         ❝Can’t possess what was never human to begin with.❞ the demon chuckled. ❝But you’d know all about that, wouldn’t you?❞ Of course she would. It was a conversation she and Connor had had on multiple occasions. The status of their soul. Whether or not they could ever be considered human. ❝You said it yourself - what if we were meant to be just like Angelus?❞

         He feigned thought for a moment. ❝Of course, why would I want to be like Angelus? His act went stale centuries ago. Such a shame the gypsies didn’t get to him sooner.❞

            He gave a light snort, his speech a close echo to Holtz. ❝You fear naught but yourself. Your presence bores me. Are we going to fight, then?❞


                  “We may not be human, but you’re not supposed to be where you are.” She meant the demon wasn’t meant to be in Connor. Or at least, she didn’t want the demon there. Connie assumed Connor would want her or Con to be the ones to put him down if it came to it.

                     “You’re right, I only fear myself. Because I’m not pathetic like you. So yeah, guess we’re going to fight.” Connie already had the stake in her hand. “And you know you’re going to lose. There’s no way I’m letting you run around in that body.”


    Genderswap m!a

         ❝I am not scared.❞ Connor insisted with a huff, folding her arms across fore-mentioned chest. It wasn’t like Connie wasn’t used to them being there, but that didn’t make Connor any more comfortable with their existence. ❝I’m embarrassed! And I think this bra is poking my side. How the hell is this supposed to be comfortable??❞


            “Bras are the worst. Under-wiring will basically rip a hole in your boob.” Connie slaps his hands over his chest. “Oh boy am I glad not to have to deal with that.” He laughs and lets his hands fall back to his sides. “C’mon, weve dealt with worse.”


    "So, do I finally get to meet the young lady who's been charming my son's heart?" ~motherinaslayersworld

    Connie furrowed her brows. “Oh, umm, you Donnie’s mom? Cool.” Connie wasn’t sure Joyce would like her since she was Angel’s daughter and had come from a hell dimension.


    Joyce blinked. “Run that by me again? And does my Don know about that?”


            “Yeah he knows. The fact that I had a penis doesn’t bother him. I don’t know why it should.”

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    (From the creator: So the purpose of this meme is to give a little info on your muses without having to rely on others to fill your ask with meme questions. I know how disappointing it can be to come back to an empty ask so I wanted to create a meme that anyone and everyone can do (mun and muse). The rules are simple, you do not need to be tagged to fill out the questions, but once you have you must repost and tag 10 of your followers to spread the love. You can fill it out as many times as your heart desires (we all know muses can change with their character development).


    What is your favourite word?

  • Family
  • What is your least favourite word?

  • Lies
  • What turns you on?

  • Badass, domineering chicks
  • What turns you off?

  • Con
  • Penises
  • What sound do you love?

  • Background noise of the city
  • people talking and laughing
  • music
  • What sound do you hate?

  • Awkward silence
  • What is your favourite curse word?

  •  Fuck.
  • What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?

  • Can I be a Slayer?
  • What profession would you not like to do?

  • Any kind of paper pushing job
  • If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God(s) say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

  • *starts laughing and doesn’t answer the question*

    Something most people don’t know about you?

  • Sometimes I flirt to get my way. What else would I use my boobs for?
  • Sexual Preference?

  • Bisexual (but leaning towards liking girls more)
  • What position do you sleep in?

  • Usually on my stomach.
  • What if someone told you… you HAD to lose, just this one time?

  • Depends on what the consequences are.
  • Greatest fear?

  • Being who I was when I tried to blow myself and that store up.
  • If you could leave one thing to be remembered by, what would it be?

  • I don’t mind being forgotten, too many creatures are going to remember me anyway.
  • If you could give words of advice to someone, what would they be?

  • You can choose your family.
  • What’s your middle name?

  • I have too many names, why do I want a middle one?
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