Rainbow Six: Siege Porn Reblogs
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2020-08-26 12:48:08

    I tried out a new pose to go with Caveira, it worked out pretty smooth. I will keep this pose noted from now on. It looks like she is with Fuze with R6siege. Ela is there as well watching the two go at it. This pose was interesting to make work, but it’s duoable with men in clothing. Thankfully, of course with and without sound. Also, I have one more thing to do and then I will start on some furry porn or I can share some of my DMX files to some of my followers if they wish to see the scenes I make.

    Angle 1 (No Sound)

    Angle 2 (No Sound)

    Angle 1(Sound)

    Angle 2 (Sound)

    Caveira’s new pet

    Something requested very early on (Twitch and Cav, couldn’t have been two girls more different, I think), I started on this a few months ago, before I had the big break. Oh well, it’s finally here.

    Credits to: Yadio (Caveira, also press F for respects, you’ll be missed until you get your rig back), LordAardvark (Twitch’s body, aka FemShep), and I can’t remember who is that made Twitch’s model, I’ll edit this when I manage to find out who is it.

    Imgur album (4K)