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2020-08-26 12:48:08

    Fun at the beach

    Summer is almost over (the south hemisphere doesn’t exist kappa), so the 3 ladies are enjoying every minute of it while they can.

    Also managed to get add hair to them, so they don’t have to wear their headgears while naked, except Alibi, because she’s different. Totally not because I couldn’t find an acceptable hair model for her. But Hibana and Valkyrie’s hair looks so good. Models by: Auditor (Alibi), Yadio (Valkyrie), _MaZ_ (Hibana), LordAardvark (Valkyrie’s Body, aka FemShep again) and Soulburnin (Alibi and Hibana’s bodies, aka IQ. Yes, IQ’s body)

    Imgur link (1440p)


    Hibana anywhere in the near future?


    Please excuse the sketchy-ness. I tried to do clean art but I wanted to try out this style for our lovely Hibana. Made this for your request along with the request of a fellow Instagram user for their profile picture.Requests left: 32_________________________________

    If you repost my work, please credit me or place a link to my page in the description.

    If you do not follow my rules, I won’t continue making my works for free. Thank you to those who do listen to me! It’s all I ask.

    (I say this due to the people on IFunny who repost yet do not credit me. I really don’t want to charge people, so please simply listen to my rule.)

    A Christmas Siege (Part 1)

    Ash: See this Yumiko? It’s called a 30 Round Magazine. Ever heard of it?
    Hibana: Very funny. Tell me Eliza, can your limp dicked breach charges destroy reinforced walls?
    Caveira: [mutters] Neither will help you once I get my hands on you…
    Ash: Huh? You said something?
    Caveira: Me? Nothing, no…

    As promissed, here I start posting my Christmas set. Cringy dialogue, maybe, but don’t worry, it’s not going to be on every post.

    Like I said before, I’ll post a new part every day. Until when, you ask? Not sure yet, but at least until Christmas Eve, maybe Christmas Day too. So there’s plenty more to come.

    “When is the good stuff coming?” Patience my friends. It won’t be long…