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2020-08-26 12:48:08

    April Set Public Release !

    Download Set : 

    Set Without models (272.4Mb) 


    Set with models  (647 mb) 


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    What is in this set ?


    -6 Pictures about Christie, “Nazi” and Valkyrie

    -13 Pictures about Mass Effect, 1 Glory Hole and 12 about a VR HeadSet

    -3 Preview Pictures about the next set

    -8 Pictures on R6S

    -2 Pictures on Jilly from resident evil

    -4 models for blender (Not avaible right now, sorry, my connection is too bad to put this pack, I just put Images in this one)

    -1 Map for blender (Same) 


    I figured, why not? Well Rainbow Six Siege really doesn’t get much attention. Some monster stuff with IQ she ends up with this monster in alley?This is a little bit scary due to the pop up monster appearing from the monster, but it’s not that extreme in the horror catagory.

    Also, the operators don’t really say much in Rainbow Six Siege. I have the game and have played it myself, there isn’t much for the operators to be moaning so I have to either find one or use a generic anime moan. :x

    Angle 1(No Sound)

    Angle 1(Sound)

    Angle 2(No Sound)

    Angle 2 (Sound)