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    IQ blew her breath into her cupped hands before rubbing them together, frowning. Why did it have to be cold on the exact day they were sent to defend this place? She was accompanied by Ela in the dining room of a chalet, awaiting the arrival of the rest of their team. The mission briefing provided intel that the White Masks were scouting out locations for future strongholds, and the remote location of the chalet was a prime target. Luckily enough, IQ and Ela arrive before the White Masks or anyone else could. Which, unfortunately, also meant their teammates. As a result, they went around the building and boarded up any doors and windows leading to the outside. They may have secured the place, but they wanted to make sure it stayed that way. IQ shuffled around in her chair before propping her feet up next to her ballistic helmet on the mostly barren dining table. She cursed under her breath before rubbing her hands in an effort to generate heat for the umpteenth time since they arrived. “What’s wrong?” Ela said from the corner, laughing. “Not used to the cold?” “I’m plenty used to it, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy it!” The Polish operator let out another chuckle and crossed her arms, leaning against the doorway that led to the kitchen. “Well if you’re that cold, there’s a fireplace in the kitchen.” IQ grumbled. “The fire’s already dead and there’s no wood left in it.” Ela held up a finger and walked into the kitchen. IQ heard the sound of metal clanging and items being shifted around for the next few minutes until Ela reappeared in the doorway connecting the two rooms. She triumphantly held a piece of firewood in her hands, smiling. “I knew I saw firewood in there earlier!” Ela said. “There’s a whole stack of it against the wall.” The blonde lowered the black mask covering her lower face, revealing a smile. “Well come on, let’s get the fire started!” They both headed into the kitchen where IQ looked puzzle. There were a few boxes strewn around the gray linoleum floor, and she was fairly certain those weren’t there during their initial scouting. Ela must have seen the look on the woman’s face. “Sorry about the mess…” she explained. “The wood was hidden behind those boxes, but it’s not like there’s anyone here to mind it!” IQ simply smiled and shook her head. She was finally afforded the chance to look at the room in detail, and it was surprisingly nice. It resembled a cozy, well organized kitchen, with a toaster, a microwave, pots and all the usual kitchen utensils. Shelves of all sizes were affixed to the walls that contained an assortment of foods and drinks. A wide but small window was centrally located in the room, with an oven next to it. Adjacent to that was the refrigerator and across from it was a wide counter. It was devoid of anything, save a small oven at the end, and a bowl of fruit in the middle of the barren countertop. The item IQ thought to be the most prized possession of the room, however, was at the end of it. A large fireplace stood in the corner, bordered with metal. Safety bars ran horizontally across the front, and the recently uncovered stack of firewood sat next to it. “Care for a drink?” Ela jokingly said, picking one of the bottles of wine from a nearby shelf. “Sounds romantic, but I’ll have to pass.” “Aww, you’re no fun!” The two operators shared a laugh before IQ squatted down in front of the fireplace. It was dark inside, the fire having gone out long ago. Like she remembered, there wasn’t even any wood in it to begin with. “I hope you know how to work with one of those,” Ela said, idly flipping through one of the books on the shelf. “Making fires was never my specialty.” IQ let out a small laugh. “What, you think it’s mine?” The green haired woman shrugged her shoulder and gave a small smile. “Well lucky for the both of us, I actually do know how to make one.” “A woman after my own heart!” “Shut up.” IQ replied with a laugh. While Ela absentmindedly read through the book, IQ

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