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2021-08-29 12:41:27

    Whens your next post?


    Now. ;)Something I drew and finished to release my stress into, since the previous one was utter bullshitly drawn (Pls don’t even remind me of it.. BLEH).Gotta show some love for my OTP My next request is either Twitch or Frost Elite. Might do both at once so I can have more to post, but for certain those two ladies. Since most request are about those two, I’ll get them done as soon as possible, then work my way down with the rest!Thanks guys for being patient, I’m still alive If you repost my work, PLEASE CREDIT ME. By following my simple rule, I keep my works free of charge. I work hard on this shit, so I expect respect back and simply a credit. Thanks everyone (It pisses me off how some claim my art theirs or don’t credit me when I specifically say this so often. Just respect me, & I respect you back fam.)