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2020-08-26 12:48:08

    Fun at the beach

    Summer is almost over (the south hemisphere doesn’t exist kappa), so the 3 ladies are enjoying every minute of it while they can.

    Also managed to get add hair to them, so they don’t have to wear their headgears while naked, except Alibi, because she’s different. Totally not because I couldn’t find an acceptable hair model for her. But Hibana and Valkyrie’s hair looks so good. Models by: Auditor (Alibi), Yadio (Valkyrie), _MaZ_ (Hibana), LordAardvark (Valkyrie’s Body, aka FemShep again) and Soulburnin (Alibi and Hibana’s bodies, aka IQ. Yes, IQ’s body)

    Imgur link (1440p)


    Could I request some art of Valkyrie x Ela? I saw your art of Valkyrie and was stunned so I had to ask


    Request: Valk x Ela

    Please excuse the delay, college and parties have been keeping me away from ever making progress! But, got it done!!I hope you do enjoy :>*goes back to working on the other requests*_____________________________________Do not repost my work without my permission. Please ask before you do.

    This is due to the idiots who think it’s funny to steal items I worked hard on only to claim it theirs. For those who listen and enjoy, I love you all. -Ares