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2020-08-26 12:48:08

    IQ doggystyle

    i got a treat for you guys today :P

    Monika weiss a.k.a “iq” getting pounded doggystyle and spanked

    i liked the way this animation turned out, so i added some sound to make it all the more sweeter :p

    made this animation for a friend, @aprincehasrisen this ones for you buddy

    use the links below for the full animation

    use the mixtape links for 60fps


    Mixtape  (Sound)

    Mixtape, vid extended to 1 minute (Sound)

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    IQ x Bandit

    God I love how this turned out in the end with the bookeh in the background and stuff :3

    If you think why not some other characters and other positions? Well most of the models don’t even work with IK-rigs. And working in sfm without IK-rigs is FUCKIN annoying. At least I got Hibana working. She’ll get a image soon.

    If you have ideas. And I mean real ideas, not just “DO HIBANA” or “DO MORE CAVEIRA”, feel free to send them or contact me about them via discord.

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    Surprise Sex!



    Not much to say

    I was playing around with more post processing. You may not see it, but it’s there I promise.

    I wasn’t quite confident with it, but it turned out way better in the end. 

    Using Menaces Siege weapons. They are gorgeous :]

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    Ash BJ

    Quick Blowjob from Ash.

    As quick as the blowjob is the scene. No backstory about it. The model just can’t open her mouth properly. Let me see, what I can do about it. 

    I got an IQ and Cav one on hold. Release may be tomorrow …

    High res images don’t have format of 4K and FullHD, but I’ll call them like that, so you can orientate in sizes.

                                                4K            FullHD

    Caveira interrogating Jäger

    Caveira and Jäger are training some new interrogation techniques. 

    Pros: Enemy’s location is 100% correct and makes fun.

    Cons: Takes a while extracting all information from them.  

    I think I’ll try these kittke additional lines to “intensify” the scene a  bit more. 

    I know Jäger and Cav are both defenders, but that’s why I said they are training some techniques.

    Also: Blitz and Bandit have been ported, but when I import them, the textures are not showing up … I hope this doesn’t happen when ash is released …

                                              4K          FULL HD

    [R6S] Caveira - nude (Blender)

    Caveira the sneaky bitch from Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege now nude for Blender. It’s fully textured and rigged.

    This is the version I worked with to make the sfm version. (To be found here)


  • Her standard clothing
  • Underwear
  • Various variations of small tattoes and logos as additional textures
  • Several Shapekeys for clothing and stuff
  • Note:

  • There is no IK-rig
  • It’s my first nude model, bugs are most likely
  • To my knowledge there is no need for additional addons or something
  • The hair texture in the previews has already been fixed
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    IQ x Jäger - GSG9 im Aktiven Dienst

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd there it is. I had a full scene build with monitors and stuff prepared for this shot, but as I turned the camera angle it turned out that you see nothing of it. So I added some police stuff … 

    I like the view on her butt :3 (butt cheeks, if I’m right …)

    The bloom was really nice in the preview but since the image sequence function only in 720p, I simply added it with Photoshop … 

                                               4K            Full-HD

    Caveira (No Idea for a title ...)


    Found this pose while browsing on youtube. “How did you find something like that on youtube?”, you might think … Well, there was a video about banned K-Pop Music videos, cause they were to sexual and stuff. AAAAAAAnd that’s how I got to this pose. AAAAAAAAAAAAAnd I was able to lock zoeys legs to caveira, relcolor her skin a bit and landed there :3 

                                              4K                  FULL-HD