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    Our prayers are with Beirut.

    WHAT HAPPENED: A large blast has hit the Lebanese capital, Beirut, causing widespread damage and injuring many people. Local media showed people trapped beneath rubble. A witness described the first explosion as deafening. Video footage showed wrecked cars and blast-damaged buildings. 

  • Emergency Relief due to Beirut Explosion and many other links to help HERE Blood banks HERE (I heard petitions won’t change anything there, but hospitals are in urgent need of Blood as ‘Blood Banks’ are going empty and supplies)
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    Girls don't like sports.

    Girls like skirts 👗💋👠


    “Beauty blogger” says the bloated male pig. 


    This girl liked sports. This girl didn’t like skirts. What a sexist jerk.


    I hated sports i also hated skirts (because i couldnt play in them) and fancy shoes (because they hurt)


    I liked sports enough that I trained extra hard so I could compete on the boys team. Because my school didn’t have a girls team. But title IX said I had a right to sports. I fought to do that. I fought so other girls would be able to. And this sexist piece of shit has the gall to invalidate not only my efforts, but the work of the women who fought for that law.


    Oh i totally agriee.. because i may not have sportsed but i loved science. So much so i beat highschool kids in Science competition. I wanted to study lol well everything. But i was discuraged at every turn. Told women cant science (though they can and do and often discover stuff) so i totally feel you.


    I liked sports enough that I played soccer for 12 years all through public school, from age 6 to 18, made the varsity soccer team in my third and fourth year in high school, played all sorts of sports in grade and middle school which included volleyball, started Taekwondo at 18 and became a brown belt within 2 and 1/2 years before I stopped going for personal reasons and I still want to go back, and I wouldn’t mind learning more martial art styles.

    Fuck this guy with a fucking cactus.

    fandoms act like pedophiles don’t watch tv, read books, or use the internet. “fiction vs reality” all you want but predators consume content that aligns with their interests. real, actual predators ship adults with minors, possess child porn of both real kids and fictional ones, read stories that show csa in a positive light, etc.

    like I can see a predator watching how y'all justify minor / adult ships and feeling validated. they don’t just enact violence outside of the internet. they are real people who consume media just like you and me. those of you who ship children with adults share a space with actual predators

    it’s also wild to me that y'all don’t think a pedophile could ever be an artist or writer. I guarantee you they are content creators you enjoy on social media. you’re giving them a space to safely express their interests and you validate their inclination to hurt real children when you promote “hebephilia” as healthy. every time you say “the technical definition of pedophilia is 13 years old and younger”, some adult freak feels better about being attracted to a 14 year old. saved by the bell huh!

    you’re harboring actual predators, making them feel great about themselves, giving them a platform in fandom & the ability to harass minors into silence with that platform. it isn’t just desensitizing kids, it’s also desensitizing predators

    just like white people felt justified in thinking of black people as all sorts of stereotypes (monkeys, mammies, pickanninies, unintelligent, biologically predisposed to being enslaved, etc) thanks to racist cartoons, justifying pedophilia in fiction is a gateway to them excusing harmful behavior in real life and actually doing it. that should bother you

    BLACK WOMEN are invisible in the conversations around social discourse

    Alexia Christian; Mya Hall; Gabrielle Nevarez; Miriam Carey; Shantel Davis; Malissa Williams; LaTanya Haggerty; Sharmel Edwards; Kendra James; Sandra Bland;

    BLACK WOMEN are brutalized due to their race, gender and class

    Shelly Frey; Magaret LaVerne Mitchell; Eleanor Bumpurs;

    BLACK WOMEN are seen as a threat because they give birth to the “notorious”

    Kathryn Johnston; Danette Daniels; Frankie Ann Perkins; Alberta Spruill;

    BLACK WOMEN are seen as deranged rather than in need of help

    Tanisha Anderson; Michelle Cusseaux; Pearlie Golden; Shereese Francis; Kayla Moore; Tyisha Miller;

    BLACK WOMEN cannot show emotions because they will be seen as intolerable

    Natasha McKenna; Sheneque Proctor; Kyam Livingston;

    BLACK WOMEN are guilty by association

    Rekia Boyd; Aiyana Stanley-Jones; Tarika Wilson;

    BLACK WOMEN are misunderstood

    Meagan Hockaday; Janisha Fonville; Aura Rosser; Yvette Smith;

    BLACK WOMEN are sex symbols

    Duanna Johnson; Nizah Morris; New Jersey 7;

    BLACK WOMEN are being sexually assaulted

    Daniel Holtzclaw; Ernest Masalis;

    BLACK WOMEN and their children are targets for police brutality

    Denise Stewart; Alesia Thomas; Rosann Miller; Alesia Thomas; Sonji Taylor;

    All of the problems that face each race, gender, and class happens to a black woman everyday, but WHY WON’T THEY ever SAY HER NAME?


    how dull for you to live your life without any hills to die on, you, on your vast flat barren plains of compromise, acceptance, and accommodation, while I reign supreme over the lush, rolling highlands of stupid shit I have irrationally chosen to stake my entire identity on


    ….as someone who was terrified of having their own opinion, this is truly inspiring


    the hills are alive with all the fucks i give on select topics


    how do people think the comparison between not letting trans people in the bathroom they identify as and not letting gay people in the bathrooms that match their sex makes sense at all? you ever notice how we don't let gay men into women's bathrooms? it's not only about sexual assault. I don't want a fucking man in the bathroom with me.


    Opi...trans women aren’t men.


    idk who opi is but you seem to have forgotten that I have a gigantic brain and only big brain people are allowed on this post


    @opabiniawillreturn Oh cool! I also have a big brain! My brain is even bigger than yours!

    Trans women are women!


    please learn what words mean..


    I know what words mean!

    Trans woman are women.

    Trans women are a type of women.

    Ergo, all Trans women are women, however not all women are trans women. Simple

    You say you are big brain, but I'm seriously doubting it at this point if you don't know what simple words mean.


    to be a woman you have to be female 💙


    According to??

    Based on what definition???

    Define "female" in a way that excludes all Trans women and includes all cis women.



    according to the dictionary definition :)

    female meaning someone of the the sex that produces ova


    Which dictionary definition, and why did you choose it? :)

    So, you are excluding some cis women in your definition. Neat!

    Or are some cis women not women to you, and if so, what authority do you have to make that determination?


    I am not excluding any "cis" women in that definition. please read it again


    Oh, so you do think cis women who can't produce ova aren't women! Neat! Either that or you are including your defined term in your definition, which is super disengenuous.

    "Female=of the sex that produces ova"

    So what would you call the sex that produces ova? Female?

    So female=female? How is this any different than women are women?

    Also, how do you not see how circular your "logic" is?


    oh my god you truly can't comprehend what I'm saying, can you? I'm done with this


    They’re so deep in their cognitive dissonance that not even a basic biology textbook can help them.

    Like, imagine being so up your own ass that you deny the most basic concepts of biology.


    Did you cherish a local trans woman today?




    did you cherish a local "cis" woman today?


    why should I cherish a local trans woman?


    Because you're a feminist


    that doesn't answer my question


    And trans women are women? God


    then why shouldn't you cherish a local "cis" woman?


    Why should I cherish a male? They’re the ones responsible for my and my sisters systemic oppression. Which includes how transwomen uphold gender roles.


    Just going to leave this here


    oh you mean the dude who pulled out his dick in front of a group of women, most of whom were probably survivors of sexual harassment and assault, and got the angry reaction he deserved? love that for those ladies <3


    Some of those ladies were also minors, so he was also exposing himself to children, in addition to the sexual assault survivors who were there.


    Lol exactly this thanks for proving just how substandard men are. And yet women just keep serving them instead of leaving them in the dirt where they belong.