Places Nancy Drew Has Visited So Far...

    Secrets Can Kill: Florida

    Stay Tuned for Danger: New York City

    Message in a Haunted Mansion: California

    Treasure in the Royal Tower: Wisconsin

    The Final Scene: St. Louis, Missouri

    Secret of the Scarlet Hand: Washington, DC

    Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake: Pennsylvania

    The Haunted Carousel: New Jersey

    Danger on Deception Island: Washington State (San Juan Islands)

    Secret of Shadow Ranch: Arizona

    Curse of Blackmoor Manor: England

    The Secret of the Old Clock: Titusville...NJ? FL? Made up?

    Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon: Nevada

    Danger By Design: Paris, France

    The Creature of Kapu Cave: Hawaii

    The White Wolf of Icicle Creek: Alberta, Canada

    Legend of the Crystal Skull: New Orleans, Louisiana

    The Phantom of Venice: Venice, Italy

    The Haunting of Malloy: Ireland

    Ransom of the Seven Ships: The Bahamas

    Warnings at Waverly Academy: Upstate New York???

    Trail of the Twister: Oklahoma

    Shadow at the Water's Edge: Japan

    The Captive Curse: Germany

    Alibi in Ashes: River Heights, Illinois?

    Tomb of the Lost Queen: Egypt

    The Deadly Device: Colorado

    Ghost of Thornton Hall: Georgia

    The Silent Spy: Scotland

    The Shattered Medallion: New Zealand

    Where I'd like Nancy to go: Rome, St. Petersburg, Oregon, Cape Cod, Salem, Detroit, Rhode Island, India, Mexico, the Amazon, Morocco, South Africa, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong.

    Where would you like to see Nancy go?

    Favorite quote from this game

    Nancy: Are storytellers still in demand?

    Renate: No. Today people want flashy computer games, and big budget movies. They want instant gratification. The old stories, they travelled from one storyteller to another for millennia. Now they are dying off.

    Nancy: That must be sad for you.

    Renate: No. I know the stories. You do not. It is sad for you.