Ask And You Shall Receive

Joseph 26 Stony Brook, NY

Formerly ride-and-die but I was hacked.

Why would I create a new tumblr page at age 26? Bored, horny, or feeling creative.

Open to interactions so feel free to message or ask me things. 18+ only, no minors plz.

Vegan, bisexual, skateboarder, musician, and left-wing are a few ways to describe me

Last update
2021-08-18 21:46:12

    i just redownloaded snapchat and forgot how fun it was!!

    wanna buy my snap? it’s $10 per month and you can send money via paypal to loveliesjack@gmail.com (make sure to click “friends and family” pls!) and then send me an ask/message with your name, age and snap @ and then i’ll send you a friend request! i’ve already posted nsfw stuff to my story 🥰🥰

    edit: i’ve also added a kofi so if you would rather pay the $10 there here’s the link: https://ko-fi.com/A725319